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Homeopathy for diabetes

Homeopathy for diabetes

Posted by: Poornima

Dear Dr. Bhatia,
I would like to know how effective could homeopathy be,in the treatment of diabetis (with descendency in the family).I guess there are 2 types, depending on the bodys inability to produce enough Insulin or inability to digest the glucose.Im quite anxious about it since my father is a diabetic patient of 60 yrs & want him to switch over to homeopathic treatment.Please give a detailed reply or any good references relating to my ignorance about the above mentioned. Thankyou.

Dear Poornima,

Yes, it is true that diabetes is of two types – diabetes mellitus (Type I) and insipidus (Type II). Type I is early onset, insulin dependent type in which insulin production is reduced (due to a variety of factors). Type II is late onset, non-insulin dependent type in which sensitivity of body’s tissues to insulin is decreased. These definitions are not absolute though. In Type I too, there is some lack of receptivity to insulin and in Type II, there is often some reduced insulin production.

When I came out of college, I carried with me the impression that diabetes can only be managed with homeopathy. Its not possible to cure it. That is what we were fed in our college. But now, my own clinical experience varies from what I was taught. I have personally found Type II diabetes curable in large number of cases, especially if they have not taken any allopathic treatment. The more allopathic treatment they have taken, the more difficult it becomes to cure a case.

In Type I diabetes, if the insulin producing cells are totally destroyed, then diabetes can not be cured by medicine. Insulin supplements will be required in such cases. But even these cases will become curable (in a non-homeopathic sense) couple of years down the lane due to modern tissue-grafting techniques and bio-engineered insulin producing bacteria. But lets come back to homeopathy for now. In most cases of Type I, where some insulin production is there, cases can be well-managed with homeopathy. Some cases, in early stages can be cured also. Some time back I came across certain medicines with ability to regenerate Islet cells (which produce insulin)(if not fully destroyed) in low potencies. I am experimenting with these medicines right now. It may take a couple of years to reach any conclusions regarding these. But the initial results are encouraging. If the results are favorable, it might be possible to cure a much larger proportion of Type I cases too.

In homeopathy there are two ways to deal with diabetes – drugs based on therapeutic indication (for the disease) and drugs selected on the basis of totality (for the patient). My experience has been that in Type II cases cure is possible only with medicines selected on the basis of totality – even if the medicine does not cover the common disease symptoms. I have had good results this way. In type I cases, sometimes the therapeutically indicated medicines are required to manage a case.

At 60, your father is most likely to suffer from Type II diabetes. I think it should be possible to take him off allopathic drugs. You should consult some good homeopath in you city.

Best Wishes,
Dr. B

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  • Dear sir,
    I like your reply which reveals your strong opinion on the holistic system of homeopathic
    treatment.Thank you sir.

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