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Homeopathy for PCOS

Homeopathy for PCOS

Posted by: Asha

I am 28 yr old, recently diagonised as PCOS, my thyroid is 6.41, i am undergoing Homeo treatment. i read many blogs where in people say women with PCOS will not concieve. i am married and not concived.. i am scared.. Please let me know .. will i get concive.. let me know the treatement and diet plans as well. just to add in my weight is 80 KG.

Hi Asha,

PCOS by itself does not mean that a woman suffering from it cannot conceive. What is important to find out whether the follicles are maturing and rupturing on time during a menstrual cycle. If that is happening, a female with PCOS can conceive too. Get a follicle study done to find out if your follicles are maturing or not.

I have seen homeopathy give good results in PCOS, especially when there is not family history for similar complaint.

best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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  • I don’t what is this actually…I’m 20 year old and my menstrual cycles are irregular. After ultrasonography…the results were Endometrial thickness 5mm(hyper echoic)… Right ovary 32X20X29mm Left ovary 31X22X30mm No free fluid in POD Ovaries appear enlarged and shows multiple follicles(size range 6-8mm)arranged peripherally with hyperechoic stroma Bilateral polycystic pattern…. Please comment on the result…