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Increase weight and height using homeopathy

Increase weight and height using homeopathy

Posted by: zahid iqbal

i m 21 year old boy from lahore pakistan.i am under weight weighing 58 kilo grams and i was want to increase my height from 1-1.5inch.a friend suggested me calcium it safe kindly guide me actually few months back i had jaundice so i have fear i might have jaundice again due to this medicine…..plz help me,i m too much worried about this

Dear Sir, it is unlikely that the Calc Carb has caused you the jaundice, and it may not be the most suitable remedy to gain weight or increase height. Homeopathy may not help you for this as this may be your normal constitution. You may look into nutrition first.
However, if you have jaundice, this shows liver problem, and you may benefit of seeing a practitioner for a full session. The liver is very important for how your body deals with food, so it is important to improve its functions, and homeopathy can really help. A full case-taking and session would be best.

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  • In Pakistan , the average height among men ranges from 5′ to 5′-5″. Young boys want to improve their height and mostly Homeopaths prescribe Baryta Carb ( 1 M ) with Bacilinium 200 every fortnightly. Is this works ?

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