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Idiosyncrasy & Allergy

Idiosyncrasy & Allergy

Posted by: Farhan Nadaf

Respected Sir/Madam,
I have a doubt about Idiosyncrasy & Allergy. My question is “Whats the difference between Idiosyncrasy & Allergy?” OR rather “Are they both the same?”
Please reply, seeking guidance.
Farhan Nadaf

Idiosyncracy refers to general state of hypersensitivity, when a person overreacts not just to an allergen but to most things. And the out-of-proportion reaction is not restricted to the physical plane. The mental and emotional plane overreact too.
In allergy there is usually overreaction to a specific foreign protein at the physical level. AT best allergy is just one manifestation of an idiosyncratic state.

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  • A simple explanation in simple language! Thanks for the help Sir…!

    Its better than those complicated explanation that i got from others.

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