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Tetanus Shot While on Constitutional Remedy

Tetanus shot while on constitutional remedy

Discussion Board question posted by Jill Voelker, USA:

“I have taken my constitutional remedy but had a tetanus shot a week later.  Does that make it ineffective?”

Oy vey!  Here we have a perfect example of what’s wrong with vaccinations AND high potency constitutional prescribing, all in one sentence!  Let’s start with high potency prescribing: The high potencies, by and large, are for intense presentations, like an Aconite fever or a Belladonna headache.  The idea is to match the force of the complaint with the force of the remedy.  Acutes are generally very intense and require high potency remedies to neutralize them.  Chronic cases, however, are often of low intensity and are better vanquished by a 6C three times a day, a 12C once a day, or an LM/1 once a day if needed. 

Yes, the potency has to be raised at intervals; but, starting low and giving daily doses allows you to keep track of your case, which is exactly what Jill is unable to do!  She doesn’t know if her Tetanus shot has interfered with her constitutional remedy or if it’s still working silently, waiting to blossom at the right time! 

If she were on a daily dose of her remedy, she would know; OR, it wouldn’t matter because she’s going to dose again tomorrow anyway!  But if you’re given a high potency and are expected to wait a month for it to work, how do you know if a pharmaceutical intervention has cancelled it out?  How can you possibly know????  There’s only one way you could know.  If the remedy had already started to work and then stopped right after the tetanus shot, you could reasonably assume that your remedy has been antidoted.  But if the remedy has not yet started to work, you’re really in the dark, aren’t you!?

As to the second point, has the remedy interfered with her Tetanus shot?  I doubt it, and I would have to ask, why are you getting these things when you’re obviously into homeopathy and you know that we have remedies for things like puncture wounds–Ledum and Hypericum!  We’re homeopaths, we’ve written the book on vaccination, we’re the original LIKE CURES LIKE people!  We’re the ones whose whole medical system is based on the vaccination principle of “Let likes be cured by likes”; why would we go to a “pretend homeopath” and be treated for possible tetanus using crude tools and inappropriate methods? 

Now, you know what?  Now you need a remedy to protect you from the tetanus shot!  That’s the position you’ve put yourself in!  Try Ledum 30C.  If you were on daily low doses of your constitutional remedy, you’d be able to treat acutes like these as they come up without having to worry about, “Am I interfering with my constitutional remedy?”


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