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Craetegus Q with other homeopathy medicines; is it a must to take it everyday

Craetegus Q with other homeopathy medicines; is it a must to take it everyday

Posted by: jabeen

Hi,i wanted to know if you can take craetegus Q alongside other homeopathy medicines, my mum started taking it for her heart, but had to stop 1 week down the line as she had to take some other homeopthic medicine and she wasn’t sure if you could take it alongside Craetegus? Also, i heard you need to take craetegus for 4 months continuously to notice a change, i was wondering what if someoen takes it for a week and then they have to stop it in between for a few days, would that affect the treatment, is it a must to take it everyday continuously for 4 months? Finally are there any homeopathic medicines that you shouldn’t be taking alongside craetegus?

Crataegus tincture is commonly used in Europe for the treatment of heart conditions, and has no major side effect profile. It is unlikely that using it with a homeopathic remedy would cause a problem. Taking it daily, and then missing a few days, could be compared to pedaling on a bike and then coasting. You’ll need to start “pedaling” again, but you’ll have some momentum from the previous doses. So missing a few doses here and there is not likely to disrupt the treatment.

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