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Homeopathic remedy for muscular dystrophy.

Homeopathic remedy for muscular dystrophy.

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sir i am homoeo practisioner my friend’s son 17yrs old,heis sufring (past 4yrs) muscular disdrophy,what is the curing remedy please help him sir

Dear Mr. Vijay,

I am answering both your questions regarding muscular dystrophy and azospermia here. Are you a qualified homeopath? or is it just a hobby of yours? If you are a qualified practitioner than I am shocked at your questions. How is it possible to treat any one by the name of a disease in Homeopathy? I do not know if there are any specifics that can be given to a case of muscular dystrophy or azospermia or any thing else for that matter. Homeopathy medicines are selected on the basis of symptom similarity – symptoms that came out in provings on healthy human beings. Provings never produced pathological entities in human beings. They produced symptoms and signs. And you need to understand those signs and symptoms and the person who has them to prescribe properly. Almost any medicine can can cure any disease as long as the signs and symptoms agree.

You need to find a good homeopath for your friend’s son and a good teacher for yourself!


Dr. B

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  • Sir,
    My mother is suffering from Muscular dystrophy from one and half year. Now her condition is rapidly changing from day to day. We are giving medicine in homeo by nearby doctor. Even though we havn’t seen any change in her condition. Actually she has this problem in her childhood itself. But we came to know this by 2 years back. And she is mentally weak even though she is very stubborn. simply opposes to take treatment..
    Is her disease is curable?
    Plz help me sir..

  • Sir I am pavani I am suffering with limbgirdle muscular distrophy since 2004 gradually it is increasing pl tell me whether there is any treatment there in homeopathy pl help me sir

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