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Single Medicine Rubrics: Justification & Uses

Single Medicine Rubrics: Justification & Uses

Time and again every Homoeopath has been taught to consider each and every aspect of the patient before arriving at a remedy and selecting The Similimum.

We have been told to

Study Mentals, … Emotions …Gestures

Study Generals, …Concomitants

Study Past History, … Family History

And so on…..

And I also believe that this is the proper way to practice Homeopathy. One must study all of the above and then carefully consider the remedy for prescribing.

Plus I also advocate keeping a close watch after the administration of prescribed dosage for the ensuing resultant effects on the patient and constantly compare them with the proving of the prescribed drug as per the source books. This will help us to achieve the cure as per Hering’s law of Cure.

But as one advances into the practice and treats a large number of the patients, one comes across the cases where there is a marked paucity of the symptoms and if ever the drug is visible the same would be very hazy and the clear cut choice seems distant.

During such times one of the most wonderful aspects of Homoeopathy is the single remedy rubrics. Many times such uniqueness found in the patient proves a real boon to the practitioners.

A patient can be successfully treated by prescribing a particular drug on the bases of a single peculiarity revealed by him.

In homoeopathy all drugs have some unique and singularly peculiar symptoms that exclude all other closely comparable or related remedies.

For example

Belladonna+3Biting, Children in
Sepia+3Rectum, Lump sensation of stool not amel by
Lachesis+3Rectum, Moisture menses during
Platina+2Religious affections, Penance desires to do, wishes to live in order to mitigate her eternal punishment in sadness
Colchicum+3Nausea, soup Agg, odour & thoughts of
Ferrum+3Desire tomato, for raw
Ox – Ac+3Desire strawberries

To impart further credence to this aspect, I present some cases, wherein with the help of such Particular Symptom, we have been able to prescribe and successfully cure the patient.

Case: 1

A young girl, aged 7 years, had fever since 3 days and was unable to get any relief with the medicine. The fever would rise in the evenings and she was thirstless.

I noticed the girl was constantly asking her mother to rub her stomach. I asked why and the mother told me that the rubbing seem to ameliorate the pain

Here we find that two remedies came very close

Pulsatilla and the Lycopodium considering the following symptoms

1. Fever increasing in the evening i.e. Aggravation in the evening

2. Thirstlessness

Only one remedy

Here I found the PQRS symptom for Lycopodium that easily ruled out Pulsatilla

So the patient was given Lycopodium 200 1 dose

Follow up- Next day morning, the pain subsided; the child was afebrile and playing around.


This single remedy rubric “Stomach; pain rubbing amel – Kent” was a very important symptom to differentiate two seemingly close remedies and this would have otherwise posed a difficult choice of the Similimum.

Also it projects that even a deep acting, chronic medicine like Lycopodium can be indicated during the acute phase. And appreciation of a single remedy rubric by giving Lyco 200 one dose made the patient alright in very short time – within 12 hours of giving 1 dose of Lyco.

Case 2:

A male 77 Years

A case of Bronchial asthma with Corneal opacity and Retinal detachment.


< Monsoon
< Change of weather
< Eating after
< 11:30 am
< Air conditioner

He also had dry cough +3

< Evening to night
< Cold +3 this leads to wheezing.

He has to cover himself up. He feels better after taking warm drinks.

He has trouble in his vision since 1992. During this period he was operated for Cataract in both the eyes. There was a scar left in the left eye which was untreated. There is haziness of the vision until afternoon. He is better in bright sunlight and again the complaints are aggravated after 4-5 p.m. He has undergone a laser treatment in the US but there was no marked improvement.

The nature of the patient is jovial and easy going. He mixes very easily with people.

He is not satisfied with the present situation and sometimes there are confrontations with his wife. He tries to control his anger. He said he very seldom loses his temper & until this date he has lost his temper on 2 occasions.

He is sensitive and emotional. He cannot see emotional movies – he gets moved and he cries. He loves classical music. He was a student of literature and a production manager by profession.

On further inquiry into his past he said he had a love affair when he was 23 years of age and due to some reason their affair broke but tol date he is unable to forget this and while narrating the whole event he started crying. He also requested to keep the whole thing confidential.

Personal History:

Appetite- good; Craving: bitter ++, sweets; Aversion: sour things; Thirst: +3

Perspiration: Nil; Urine: n; Stools: n; Sleep: Disturbed; Covering: Must, half of the body must cover his legs.


Wt : 74 kgs., Mild vertical ridges on the nails. Eruptions on the face, moles, warts.

Tongue coated slightly, throat +2, B.P: 140/100 mm of Hg, R.S: Bilateral Rhonchi ++

Here we can consider Lycopodium, Ignatia, and Nat-M but there is a strong mental causative factor- suppressed for so many years and yet unforgotten, this particularity rules out all other remedies except Natrum muriaticum

Rubric considered is: Complete (Mind) ailments from disappointment deceptions old: 4 Nat-m

This gives us entry to our prescription ……

27/3/99Natrum mur 200 1 powder night
4/4/99Sleep better, Vision better, Asthma betterSL  2 powders 1/ weekSL  1 – 1 – 1
11/4/99Vision improvement ++

Sound sleep, Mild breathlessness

Ct all 14 days
3/5/99Vision in the evening has improved

No cough, Sleep better, Chest mild Rhonchi

Ct  all 3 weeksThe patient was much better.

Case: 3

Mrs. D.R., a 22 year old patient, weight: 52 Kg., reported with allergic colds since the last three to four months.

She has a continuous running nose with greenish watery discharge. As soon as she gets up her nose runs continuously. All the symptoms start immediately after she has washed her face.

She has a feverish feeling, burning in the eyes with headache. She feels tired, lethargic and run down. When she is suffering she has to go to bed for at least six to eight hours.

She also complains of irritation in the upper part of her mouth, nose and throat. She is better by rubbing the nose and ear vigorously. Face tends to become hot.


Cold climate; Air conditioning; Fast fan Cold drinks, Ice creams, Juice
Touching nose; Cooking; Summer, Morning early bath
Change of temperature: nose block (2), Mental tension (3)


Evening, By brushing teeth at night, Avoid washing of face till afternoon,
Warmth, Love, affection and consolation

Concomitants : Headache

Further information : She feels the floor is uneven and is bumpy.

Graying of hair at age 21

She has giddiness worse on standing, better lying down.

Irritation with blocked nose. Nails breaking & cracking.

Few eruptions in the face; dark circles around eyes.


Appetite: normal, avoids food if she has any work to do.

Constipation, worse from tea.

Craving: spicy -2, eggs


Urine: Burning sometimes Stool: semi solid

Sleepy Ameliorated by sleeping in afternoon.

If she doesn’t sleep she gets cold and doesn’t feel fresh.

Dreams: Day to day life, does not remember

Menses: Dysmenorrhoea first menses at the age 15 years.

Cycle: 3/25 days. Occasional Leucorrhoea

Perspiration: summer, stains yellowish, more on underarms and legs

Desires winter Likes fan but aggravates +2

Bath: Hot or Tepid water Covers only legs

Family history : Father: high B.P Grandfather: heart attack

Paternal grandmother: died of cancer Mother: obesity and hair loss

She always craves to go to her mother’s home.

If her ego is hurt, she thinks about it a lot, but is unable to confront her mother-in-law

The fact that she cannot have a child is known to her relatives.

After they had been married some time they planned to have a child. She consulted a gynecologist. She has no problems but her husband has oligospermia. This hurts her a lot.

She likes to spend money and likes to have her own cash. At her in-laws place she has limited amount available for spending as she was given only a sum of Rs. One thousand only per month. Earlier she used to buy one new dress every day; even now she would buy new dress everyday if she could. She would not like to wear the same dress twice. During the consulting I must have seen her at least 30 different occasions and always she has worn different dresses. Her friend told me that she does not wear the same dress again in last two years and she would change her clothes twice during the day- just imagine how many dresses she has!!!

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