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Information about homeopathic animal remedies

Information about homeopathic animal remedies

Posted by: Lisa Hartenstein

Could you please give me any information about homeopathic animal remedies(ie:remedies for humans made from animal essences, not mineral or vegetable)I am specifically interested in avian remedies. What characteristics, or hallmarks, distinguish these remedies from the other mineral, vegetable remedies?(If you need something more specific I want to know about peregrine falcon) Ive had a difficult time finding information on the internet.

Dear Lisa,

Full details about the characters of avian remedies would need lot of space. We would try to bring out some articles on this theme in the future issues of our ezine. You can find some information about Peregrine Falcon here –

You can also ask Misha Norland for more information.

Best wishes,
Dr. B

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