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Need homeopathy for epididymitis

Need homeopathy for epididymitis

Posted by: Ashish Kumar

hello doctor , this is a 27 yr old male from india.i have an average built and weighing 63 kgs .2 months back i was diagnosed with epididymitis and swelling of spermatic cord(funiculitis)of right side only.i never had a sexual intercourse in my life.other associated problem is i urinate many times sometime and burning during micturition sometimes . i don’t drink much water though especially in winter .my appetite is good and no problems in defaecation too .no pain and other health problems. i had taken antibiotics first but was not relieved so i want to take some help from homeopathy.
mind : i am a kind of a nervous guy who tends to extrapolate his problems esp diseases. i become very anxious when i got a disease .on the other side i am emotional,hard working.
tatse : i like to eat sweet things very much .
my ultrasound of KUB was normal . no problems in that and my scrotal ultrasound only revealed right epididymitis . kindly prescribe me some very good homeopathic drugs with their potencies .

There are several good homeopathic remedies that could be indicated for epididymitis, some of the common ones being Rhododendron, Spongia, Clematis, Argentum metallicum, etc. However, in homeopathy, just knowing the name of the illness is not enough. The homeopath needs to know the detailed symptoms of the individual patient, because being unique from everyone else, the symptoms our bodies throw up differ from patient to patient, even for the same medical diagnosis. Hence, you will need to consult a homeopath in person for detailed case analysis and remedy selection.

Good luck,
Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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