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Information about Baryta Sulph

Information about Baryta Sulph

Posted by: Sariks Singhal

hello doc,

My husband has thyroid problem for last one year. earlier he was taking some alopathic medicine but now from Nov.’04 he has started taking homeopathic treatment. Earlier Dr. gave him Nux Vomica but now in Jan’05 as he was still feeling some problems Dr. gave him BARYTA SULPHURICA. I will really appreciate if you could please tell me something about this medicine.


Dear Sariks,

Baryta sulph has many symptoms. I can only list some common ones here –


Baryta sulphurica

The symptoms of this remedy appear in the morning; forenoon; afternoon; evening; night; after midnight. Desire for open air which ameliorates; the mental symptoms are better in the open air. There is a marked physical anxiety. Many symptoms show themselves or are worse on exertion and ascending stairs. Single parts become numb and prickle. Generally worse from bathing; in a close room; from cold; from cold air; from becoming cold; symptoms are worse after becoming cold; takes cold easily; there is a lack of vital heat; worse in cold, wet weather. Constriction of many parts. Clonic spasms and epileptic convulsions. The blood vessels are distended. Symptoms come on during and after eating; worse after eating to satiety. Emaciation; faintness and the muscles become flabby. Formication and a sensation of fullness. Induration of glands. Heaviness and lassitude. Inflammation of glands. Lack of reaction. Jerking in muscles. Desire to lie down. Symptoms come on before and during menses.


To study more about this medicine, please consult a book on Materia Medica.

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