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Can You write definition of constitutional remedy?

Can You write definition of constitutional remedy?

Posted by: Marek

Can You write definition of constitutional remedy?

As in any forms of medicine, there are many schools of homeopaths, and several definitions of a constitutional remedy.
To summarise, constitutional prescribing is a way to find a remedy that fits most closely all the symptoms of the patients, and give that remedy once, this remedy will be called “constitutional”. This was promoted by Kent and his followers.
A more recent definition, and not opposed to the Kentian one, is that your constitutional remedy is the one, you are born with, and defined your healthy state (or consitution). You would respond well to it, but your patient’s picture has been muddled by several layers of trauma and toxicity.
You can find more information here:

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I hope this is useful background to your question, and do not hesitate to be more specific (example) if you would like more information.

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  • According to what You have written any remedy can be called constitutional. What is the reason to give another name to a remedy? And truly speaking I can not fined a definition.

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