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Insurance for homeopathic treatment

Insurance for homeopathic treatment

Posted by: christo

Sir,i am homeopathic physician(BHMS), Working in a Allopathic Hospital(350 bedded)as Homeopathic consultant in the Depatment of homeopathy.I want to know that if i admit the patient in the allopathic hospital and give them homeopathic treatment will they get insurance coverage?

Dear Christo,
Thanks for your answer. This is a very specific question, and may depend on the policy of the hospital and the insurance cover of your patients. For example, in France, if you see a homeopath GP, they can prescribe you either, and it will be covered… if you see a Physiotherapists who uses homeopathy, then the patient will have his physiotherapy sessions covered, but not the homeopathic prescription, except if his own insurance covers it.
Best is to check with your hospital first, to see if they had this issue before.
All the best,

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