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Can homeopathy increase the size of small breasts?

Can homeopathy increase the size of small breasts?

Posted by: sadat

I am getting married. The prospective girl has very small breasts. Can they be improved meaning can their size be increased. The girl is thin but healthy. Suggest immediate remedy.

Size of breasts can be increased only if there is a hormonal problem causing the small size. Normal healthy breasts range in size from small to large and the size of breasts is in no way truly relevant. Over time, you will realise that love develops for your wife’s mental and emotional qualities. The physical aspects play a role only in the attraction in the beginning. A small breast is also completely capable of producing enough milk for a baby’s needs. Cherish your wife for who she really is and do not bother about her small breasts.

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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Firuzi Mehta

Dr. Firuzi Mehta qualified in homeopathic medicine in 1997 and then completed her HMD from the British Institute of Homoeopathy, London. In 1998, she also attended an Introductory Course in Anthroposophic Medicine and Iscador Therapy for Cancer at the Lukas Klinik in Arlesheim, Switzerland now known as Klinik Arleshim. After working for over 5 years with an eminent homeopath in Mumbai, to gain work-experience, she started her own practice in 2001. She reviews homeopathic books as and when the opportunity arises and firmly believes that one's knowledge is always incomplete and needs to grow. She is currently enrolled with—and studying for—the 2 year E-Learning Programme offered by Prof. George Vithoulkas' International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.


  • No, I don’t fully agree; yes it is true that a healthy small breast is ok with many women. But as you go through the homoeopathic literature there are many remedies described, which can be useful in restoration of the size of the breast.

    • Yes, with homeopathy medication it is possible to gain the optimum size of the breasts. A competent homeopathy doctor will prescribe the medicines depending on the generalities and peculiarities of the case, which after proper diagnosis are sure to work. The diagnosis is a difficult task, since the history of the case and examination calls for personal information and contacts, which many of the patients will not tolerate, if the doctor happens to be a male. To say that there is no treatment, is only ignorance of the doctor about the capabilities of the homeopathic medicines and system.

  • The good health is god gift.If there is any deviation in the haelth it can be cured with the aid of homeopathy.The small size of the breast is not a deviation from normal health. After marriage the size of the breasts can increase. To a small extent the following medicines can help in increasing size of the breast if the symptoms agree.
    2) IOD
    3) KALI IOD (Boericke MM)

    • Please be cautious of simple answers to this question. A proper case taking should be done by a homeopath to see if there is a solution.

  • Yes, I am agree with Alan V. Schmukler. But as I think, here is a need of sharing experiences of treating underdeveloped female breast. I have seen that she is still with underdeveloped breasts after her first issue. Now, the child is of 1.5 yrs. but still there is no change in her breast’s size. In spite of she is feeding well her child.

    • Doctor can I get some information regarding breast enlargement for under Weight of 5 kg from actual Weight of girl age 20

  • i have a small breast size..
    even my two younger have good physique..
    i cant mingle with any one..
    i’m always irritated.. most i wont talk with any one..

    • Dear Vinna,
      In the United States, many people prefer small breasts and even get surgery to reduce the size of their breasts. Your anatomy has nothing to do with your worth as a person. If you will love yourself, others will also.

  • A good looking breast is always a reason of attraction, and confidence in females its called feminine look homeopathy offers following medicine for breast development-
    conium mac 30 tds…
    sabal ser. Q tds…

  • i want to know the names of the effective hoemopathi medicine which helps me getting the appropriate breast size without any side effects.

  • Respected Medom.
    I am married my wife stopped breast feeding to baby 3 months ago after that her brest become small constricted. If any homeopathic medicine please send me..

  • I am 30 years old..getting married soon..having breasts 30-31.and 1 inch difference in breasts left breast is smaller than right.wish to increase cup size 34-36..but I m living in nanded Maharashtra.. plz help early as possible

  • Hi Dr Mehta,

    I have read your article saying that it’s only possible to increase breast size if there is an hormone imbalance. However, I have been read that massage and certain foods (ayurveda) can help increase breast size too. What are you views on this? Thank you.

  • I hv bought sabal serrulata q and onosmodium vq coukd u plz suggest what shall be the dosage for onosmodium..I am 29 n hv vry small breast

  • Hi
    I am married with 2 children, one is 14 yrs old girl & one is 6 yrs old boy. My age is 34 yr. 10 yrs back I have been suffered from normal thyroid problem but now there is no such issue.
    My breast is too small & very much soft.
    Plz suggest me homeopathy madicine which will be easily available in homeopathy store. Also advice me whether this medicine will be safe to use.

  • hlo dr. I want to reduce my breast size.
    plz suggest me suitable homeopathic medicine . I m trying chimaphila u q . is it right medicine or not?
    and breast atrophy is useful for which purpose to inc.or dec. breast size.plz tell me.

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