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Troubled Stomach Since Childhood

Troubled Stomach Since Childhood

Posted by: Sushil Doharey

I am 40 yrs of age,male.I had history of troubled stomach since my childhood.I caught jaundice twice and allergies, boils, eczema & tonsils were regular feature at younger age.At that time penecilline injection and panted tablet was only scape beside escabiol lotion.Afterwards I was so much troubled by my stomach that I had to live my studies.Later trying my hand in business turned to be futile.In the process I had lots of mental agony.After suffering for thirty years i decided to see homeopath.Prior to this I was in touch of not so qualified homeopaths who have treated me but were unsuccessful.Few years back I had visited a renowned homeopath of my city Kolkata(Calcutta).After nearly 4 years of treatment although some of minor symptoms were gone but all the major one remained.I had changed the Dr. year or so one year back and am under new homeopath doctor,I am still on his treatment, but with no improvement.Symptoms with which I went to homeopath 5 year back & diagonised on 07/02/06:-
anxiety neurosis,loose stool,leukoplakia,cramp in body. bleeding with stool, Anameic.
Remedies given:-
Gelsanium200,nitric Acid
after this list of medicine were given,
sulph ham200,KM3X,FP3X,China3x,Geram(mother tinchure),Nit Ac,Coffea200,Flow?200,Mercsol200,Aloe200,sul cal6,Lach200,hyos200,Collinsonia200,Sulph200,Merc sol200,Citrus vul9mother tinchure,K.m3x,F.P3x,Ars3,MulifoMother tinchure,RT30,Kali mur3x,Ferro phos3x,aconite200,
My new doctor has prescribed9hand writting is poor)
1)Nux vomCM,P surinumCM
2)iodium 1m ,Ignatia 1m, psori cm
3)N.V cm,Sulph cm,Lycopodium cm
4)Lac c cm,sulph cm
5)ars h 200, kali bi 1m
All this medicine with no effect.Major problem which I face is bleeding with stool.This bleeding occurs next day/day after when I eat spicy food,meat and for some reason was empty stomach.The bleeding occurs next day if I am exposed to sun for even 2-3 minutes, no matter whether the sun is harsh or calm morning sun rays.I have constant pain on left side under rib which lessens for very short time if my stomach pass stools sufficiently.Increase in burning pain also indicates that bleeding will occur.
sir,Am i a treatable case. Kindly guide.

Sushil, your complaints are deep seated but look at the functional level (if you don’t have ulcerative colitis) – and that gives us a hope that your case should be curable. But what these f*****g b******s are doing with your body is NOT homeopathy. Using high potencies of seemingly unrelated remedies one after another. It is a shame that such people who have little understanding of homeopathic case management are get to be known as ‘renowned homeopath’. Man, you would fare better in the hands of an allopath. Stop all these remedies and try to find a homeopath who practices classical homeopathy and preferably uses LM scale. Your case needs gentle handling. I can only wish you luck from here.

Best wishes,
Dr. Manish Bhatia

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