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Want to gain a stronger vital force

Want to gain a stronger vital force

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according to herring one may experience his past illnesses while he is treated by homeopathy. can this damage the treatment? how can we avoid it . i am treated for my anxiety and depression. i experienced a very bad condition of soar throat that made me weak and the depressed mood came back. i had a terrible throat infection some 8 years ago.none of the remedies my homeopath gave me made my throat better. it got better after 2-3weeks. i really believe in homeopathy and try to read and study a way ive changed my path of life just to know homeopathy.can you help me gain a stonger vital force.

Dear Noosha,

I would try to. First of all read your own words carefully – according to Herring one MAY experience his past illness… – MAY not necessarily. And there is no question that this will damage the treatment. It is infact a very good sign that the treatment is going in the right direction. When a correct homeopathy medicine is administered, the symptoms/complaints disappear in the reverse order of their development. What came last will go first. And during this whole process of cure, even though some old symptom may surface, the energy levels and the mood of the patient should improve. If this does not happen, there might be something worng with the treatment. Also when the old symptoms reappear, they are usually of lesser intensity and last for much shorter time. The Herrings law would be applicable if the old complaints surface again as the newer ones disappear. If both old and new complaints present themselve together, the remedy selection is not right. Lastly, if the old complaints reappear briefly, while the newer ones disappear, no medicine should be given to treat these old symptoms. The reappearance is part of the healing reaction started with the original similimum and the process will automatically complete is a matter of few days or weeks.

Wishing you health and lots of success for your homeopathic journey,
Dr. B

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