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Where can I get Aspergillus niger?

Where can I get Aspergillus niger?

Posted by: Mohan. M

I am by qualification a Pharmacologist but with my sad experiences with the side effects of Allopathic medicine, after retirement I am now engaged in propagating the value of Homeopathy.
In your September 2011 Hpathy issue, under “Tips and Secrets” – Mr Hartman from Florida reported excellent control of Chronic Sinusitis with Aspergillus niger.
I would like to know in what CH potency Aspergillus niger should be should be used.
Further, I am from Bombay. India, which has best of the homeopathy medicine retail shops even don’t have it. Where to find Aspergillus niger.

Hello. using Aspergillus niger for sinusitis is very much a isopathic type prescription (not homeopathic). I cannot find a proving for this substance and therefore the homeopathic nature of this substance is unknown. Therefore it is best to use a low dose. But because Aspergillus is a pathogen, I would go below a 12 c dilution. You can try to order this from one of the many on-line homeopathic pharmacies.
The chances that this prescription will work for another case are low but you never know. Don’t pursue your prescription for more than 2 weeks if there is no response from the patient.
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