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Which form of medicine is better sugar or liquid

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Tell me Dr, is Homeopathic medicine better in sugar form or liquid form? I have seen in a shop that the pharmacist always adds only two or three drops to the sugar pillules and so how can all sugar globules be covered with the medicine? Can you explain this to me?

Dear P.k. Jain,

Your question carries a lot of weight as far as homeopathy philosophy is concerned. First of all let me answer the question about medicating globules. The right way is to add enough number of drops so that all the globules in the vial are moistened. Actually, Hahneamnn would have preferred to dry those globules after medicating but now a days it is practically not feasible.

Now your other question about whether medicines are better in liquid or pills form. First let me tell you that there has been no significant research in this aspect till now. But Dr. Hahnemann was experimenting with the mode of administration of homeopathic remedies in his later years. He seems to have settled for the liquid medicines, dissolved in water. In his later years, Dr. Hahnemann was administering the medicines of both the centesimal scale as well as the LM scale in liquid. Many other homeopaths who have used Hahnemanns later methods seem to favor the liquid method. The benefit of administering the medicine in liquid is better control over the remedy action and repetition.

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Dr. B

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