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Which medicine for my son’s complaints?

Which medicine for my son’s complaints?

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I am a indian living in Germany.My son has problems like Atenoid,Tonsils,and water in ear. They have recommended opeartion for all after giving antibiotice treatments for 3-4 mths. My father is a homeopath in india and has recommemded homeo medicines before undergoing operations saying that I must give homeopathy a chance. The medicines are as follows:
1. Kali Bichromicum 6
2. Bio com no 10(Tonsils)
3. Baryta Carbonica 3x
4. Nat Mur 30x(biochemic)
I gave on counter order at chemists and expained them all,but they said that they understand only the first medicine. And the combinations like 3x and 30x they dont understand. They even said that nat mur is not biochemic but homeopathy bedicine(not from Dr, Sh

Hi Gurpreet,

First of all, Adenoids and Tonsils can be saved in nearly 100% cases. They respond beautifully to homeopathic treatment. Never in my practice, any of my patients has taken the knife for these problems. When I was a child, I myself used to suffer from recurring tonsillitis and Doctors had advised surgery for me too. My father took me to a homeopath and after taking treatment for a few weeks, I never had another bout of tonsilitis. Never needed the surgery!

BUT the way your father has suggested medicines for your child, I doubt if he would be able to evade the knife. Homeopathy medicines are given on the basis of symptom-similarity. Every homeopathy medicine shows different symptoms and suits different constitutions. There is not much common between Kali bi and Natrum mur and Baryta carb. And The Bio-Combinations can not be called homeopathic in any way. These mixtures have NEVER been proved on human beings. You need to find a homeopath who can assess the case of your child properly and give him the medicine which best suits him. A correct remedy is necessary for CURE. Partially similar medicines or such mixing of drugs can only palliate at best and can suppress if you are unlucky enough! If you do not have access to good homeopaths where you live, you can take the online route too (although not the first preference). There are many homeopaths who offer online guidance too. And any medicine that you do not find at your local pharmacy can be ordered through various online shops. You also need to know that different denotions are used for various potencies in various countries. Just remember these rules –

3X=3D (X=D)
30C=30CH (C=CH)
0/1=LM1 & 0/2=LM2 & so on.
1M=MK & 10M=10MK

I wish a speedy homeopathic recovery to your son,
Dr. B

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