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Classification of Bach flower Remedies based on States of Mind

Dr. Chaitali gives details of mental states and symptoms of mind associated with Bach Flower Essences or Remedies as given by Edward Bach.

According to Dr. Edward Bach different diseases arise due to different mental states. The state of one’s mind can be the root cause of any physical ailment.

(Editor’s Note: Even modern medicine has started classifying a large number of diseases as psycho-somatic. Diseases like ulcerative colitis, asthma, hypertension, cardiac disorders, acne, peptic ulcers and even dental caries are known to be caused or aggravated by various mental and emotional states)

A HEALTHY person can be said to possess following qualities.


The human body is wonderfully adaptive & is constantly maintaining its equilibrium & harmony. This process of adjustment is continuous. These adjustments are our “Symptoms” and so we should consider symptoms
as a positive phenomenon.

“ There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind & inner happiness.” – Dr. Edward Bach

Each of the 38 remedies discovered by Dr. Bach is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. Flower Remedies can help us achieve a positive state of mind.

Here I present a classification of Bach flower remedies based on the various states of mind. The table below lists the typical characteristics, negative state of mind and positive state of mind (that can be achieved after required treatment with a specific flower remedy).


Typical Characteristics

Negative state
of mind

Positive state
of mind


ASPEN The feeling that something dreadful is going to happen without any reason.

Inexplicable anxiety

For fears unspecified,

Anxiety for no known reason.

Aspen will provide courage.
CHERRY PLUM Reactive people who fear losing control of their thoughts & actions. Inclination to uncontrollable
rages & impulses.Impulsive nature
Cherry plum will help them to
become proactive.It enhances trust in one’s self.
MIMULUS Fear for known reasons Shaky person, Fear of something –for e.g. fear of darkness, thunder etc. All types of hypersensitiveness
to cold, noise.
Mimulus will help to become brave.

Pregnant woman will become tension free if Mimulus is given.

RED CHESTNUT Fear & anxiety for another
Over anxious about others, over caring, over protective. Red chestnut will make him concerned about the safety & well being of person in distress keeping him cool & calm.

During calamity or during drastic change it can be very helpful.

ROCK ROSE Person trembles on recollecting a terrorizing incident, experience a long time ago. Terror, panic, extreme fright


Rock Rose will provide tremendous courage required for emergency situation. It can be prescribed to Captain, Pilot who will have to handle difficult situation.


AGRIMONY Weeps inside but laughs outside, Carefree  & cheerful face. Avoids quarrels, arguments at all costs

He cannot tell internal grief.

Agrimony will help him to become contended & calm. He will learn to cope with quarrels & confrontations.
CENTAURY Weak mindset

No firm decisions as a individual. He faces difficulty in saying  “ NO”

Weakness of will power, Mentally & physically dependent Neglects one’s own interest. Centaury will provide physical
& mental strength
HOLLY For feelings like envy, suspicion, revenge, hatred They feel they don’t get enough love. Holly will help to get stabilized state of mind.
WALNUT Persons who want to get rid of bad habits, Easily influenced by outside circumstances.
Person is prone to ailments from heredity, from change of climate.
Walnut will stabilize emotions
during life transitions such as adolescence & menopause.It will help to achieve milestones quickly. Walnut will work as link breaker in case of heredity diseases.


BEECH Persons desiring perfection, he easily finds fault with others.

Intolerance is the keynote symptom of this remedy.

Intolerance, criticizes others,
readiness to find fault, Unsympathetic.
Beech will help person to be able to accept & look beyond differences.
CHICORY Person who always wants company.
He needs attention at any cost.Chicory will help feeding mothers to stop feeding (as the child becomes elder) with ease.
Love of self; Over attachment for their loved ones and

Possessive about them.

Chicory will teach unconditional love.

It will teach them to love without expectation.

ROCK WATER Persons with inflexible views.

Rigid like steel which will break but not bend.

Extreme rigidity, self discipline.

Man will stick to his principles.

Rock water will make that person open to conviction so that he will not take self –denial to extremes.
VERVAIN Over work & constant attachment to work without taking rest. Over enthusiasm

Person will do everything in haste.

He works nonstop without rest.

Vervain will impart a genuine
enthusiasm, which inspires others.
 VINE Person wants power to dominate others.

He is over enthusiastic.

Dictator personality,

Dominating nature

Vine will help that person to
become Leader than Boss. Thus helping in encouraging leadership qualities in others.


WATER VIOLET It stands for persons who want to do their work alone without anybody’s interference. Proudy & aloof

They love to work in isolation.

Water violet will make that person  practical councilor.
HEATHER Persons always talking & thinking of their own troubles.

They are self- centered.

Self –absorbed who burden others with their troubles& dislike being alone. Heather will increase their ability to listen sensitively to others.
IMPATIENS Persons who are impatient &
who feel irritated by others who are slower.
Restless & impatient.

They think &act quickly; they want to work alone as they
are intolerant of others’ way of working.

Impatiens will teach empathy & understanding others.


CHESTNUTBUD Person lives in present tense
but he does not pay attention to things in which he is not
Absent minded, inattentive,

Repeats same mistake again & again

Slow learners.

Chestnut bud will make him attentive, keen observer.

He will learn from past experiences

He will be a good learner.

CLEMATIS Person assumes himself to be in different world.

He is ungrounded.

Day –dreamer, absent minded Unconcerned
with the present
Clematis will teach   him to live & enjoy life as it is.

It may foster great creativity in case of poet, scientists.

HONEY SUCKLE Person who has lost contact with present. Person who has engrossed in past happy or sad memories. Honey suckle will help that person to become adaptable to change in circumstances. It will also increase his ability to bear on present problems.
OLIVE Person facing overexertion, he will feel completely washed out. Then he will need Olive. Physically & mentally exhausted,

Person who works continuous without rest.

Olive has got capacity for re-vitalization.

It will again restore balance.

MUSTARD Depression having unknown cause. For sudden deep gloom that arises for no apparent reason. Mustard will give inner stability, cheerfulness.
WHITE CHESTNUT Person loses concentration because of unwanted thoughts.

Overcome problems.
Person suffering from uncontrolled repetitive thoughts.

White chestnut will enable that person to use thoughts constructively.
WILD ROSE Person without any inner motivation. Person who has lost its contact with its Higher Self.

He has lost self-confidence.

Wild rose will provide him enthusiasm.

It will also make him able to live life meaningfully.


CERATO Person always asking for opinions & advice of others. He always doubts his own ability to make decisions.

He who doesn’t trust wisdom of his own judgment.

Cerato will strengthen trust in
one’s self.
GENTIAN Lack of faith & pessimism. Cause of depression is known to the person.

Self-doubt is there.

Gentian will provide confidence about one’s ability to overcome problems.
GORSE Person has lost faith in the future.

He has lost motivation to work.

Hopelessness, complete loss of faith . Gorse will help him to become hopeful for future.It will also restore his faith.
HORN BEAM Procrastination

He always asks for tonic.

He  feels tired &  inadequate before starting the job.

The person is afraid of the work to be done.

He is mentally tired  & doubtful about doing. the work

Hornbeam will give strength to do work
SCLERANTHUS He is always get confused to choose between 2 things. Person is incapable of taking
quick decisions.All actions are delayed.
Scleranthus will help him to take his own decisions.
WILD OAT Person wants change all the time.

He is uncertain over one’s direction in life.

Shaky person

He fails to locate his true vocation.

Wild oat will make him confident about his decisions.

It will also help him to discover the proper vocation in life.


CRAB APPLE For Self-hatred Feelings of uncleanliness.

Poor self-image.

Crab apple will teach acceptance of body & environment.

It will also act as physical cleanser.

ELM We can say that, symptoms shown represents  “ weak moments in the life of strong.” He feels despondent & exhausted.

He sometimes feels inadequate.

Elm will teach person to see problems in appropriate


PINE  Dissatisfaction with one’s self.

They feel unappreciated.

They are never satisfied with
themselves.Feeling of self –reproach, guilt.
Pine will help them for self-acceptance.

They will feel regretted but not guilty.

WILLOW They always keep blaming. They feel that life is unfair. Willow will teach them to take
responsibility for their own life.
LARCH The person lacks self-confidence.

He is doubtful about himself.

The person having no self-confidence. Larch will enable that person  to take on challenges.It will help to build up self confidence.
OAK Never resting

Struggles on in illness & against adversity despite setbacks.

The person shows despondency when exhaustion or illness gets in the way of duty.

They are strong people who typically never give up under

Oak will teach them to understand that they should take a break from time to time
STAR OF BEETHLEHEM For after effects of any shock Fright following an accident.

For emptiness & loss that occurs when a loved one dies or moves away.

It helps the person to integrate into present life.

It provides inner strength

SWEET CHESTNUT The person feels knocked out by the mental anguish & despair, which certain situations present. Absolute dejection.

Person feels he has reached the limits for what he can stand.

Sweet chestnut will give mental strength.
RESCUE REMEDY Rescue remedy will be useful as a First Aid assistance to a person involved in a emergency situation.

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