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Beyond the Limits – A challenge to prove onself – by Kavitha Kukunoor – reviewed by Rajneesh Kumar Sharma and Regina Rianelli

Beyond the Limits – A challenge to prove onself – by Kavitha Kukunoor – reviewed by Rajneesh Kumar Sharma and Regina Rianelli

Publisher: Booksline     www.Bookslineindia.org
Hard cover
ISBN 81-87102-594
126 pages
Price  – $12.95.

Beyond the Limits is a story of an Indian woman, multi-tasking through a hard journey in the USA to adapt herself and family in a new country. As a part of her journey, she looked at life as a challenge.

A major bet she made with her husband was to prove that she could work in the software field even though she disliked computers. By profession, she happened to be a qualified homeopathic doctor, educated in India, but she could not start her medical practice in the USA, as she needed to get certified and registered.

At the outset, this whole thing seemed to be an impossible task for her, but she used the software industry as a stepping stone to reach her destination.

Kavitha clearly describes all the obstacles she faced throughout her life, experiences she gained and the hard work she put in on the way to her target.

In addition to performing two professional jobs as a software professional and homeopathic practitioner, she happily kept up her responsibilities as a wife and mother of two children.

The themes of this book are ‘never give up’, ‘never lose your identity’ and ‘follow your passion with self confidence and strong determination’ and you will gain self esteem and inner peace.

That attitude takes one to great altitudes is true in the personal and professional life of Dr Kavitha Kukunoor. She has balanced both the facets of her life and brought perfection. She has successfully turned the obstacles into opportunities with great diligence and patience. Her life is an example to many of the homeopathic students for excelling in their career. The words of Robert Schuller “Tough times never last, but tough people do”, has been proven correct in the present times by Kavitha. I recommend this book to all the budding homeopaths for serious reading.

Beyond Limits is an inspirational book about the life story of a remarkable woman and her journey as she dealt with life’s challenges. I felt very touched as a reader by the efforts Kavitha has made to reach her goals. Filled with memorable and inspiring stories the book will give you the blueprint you need to achieve any goal.

I love reading and I am very choosy about what I read. When a reader can visualize what the author has written or starts feeling that the author is reading it out to him, this is the sign of a good book!

On many occasions I could visualize Kavitha doing her chores or writing her “to do” list or when she received her certification and registration to practice homeopathy in the U.S.

I followed Kavitha throughout the book from the time she arrived in an unknown land as a woman dependent on her husband, to when she emerged as a graceful, generous woman who accomplished her dreams and is now practicing homeopathy full time.

This book is simple and genuine and will inspire many. I am honored and thank God that I have known a person like Kavitha.

The book was made with good paper and print quality. Some illustrations are so small in size that they may be hard to read.

Proceeds from the book will go to charities.


About the author

Regina Rianelli

Regina Rianelli is a University Professor in Rio de Janeiro, KHA Advisor (Brazil). She is a social media expert, internet marketer, data scientist, doctoral scholar and KHA advisor. She is a social communications graduate, Bachelor of Arts in journalism and studied publicity, propaganda and marketing at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (1989). Her professional areas of expertise are communications, unified communications, information architecture and digital marketing strategies, developing content to on-line courses, focusing e-businesses, product technology, internet and media, information security, business continuity and integrity, marketing, health-science, generic medications, homeopathy and nosodes, medicinal plants, herbal therapy and community volunteer work with social homeopathy and fitotherapy to help promote a more healthy society. Her hobby is oil painting.

About the author

Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma BHMS, MD (Homoeopathy), hMD (UK), DI Hom (London), DLit (UK), PhD, Consultant Homoeopathic Physician (30 years’ experience, treating patients from more than 40 countries). International Vice President- Homoeopathy World Community, Executive/Privileged Member- Delhi Homoeopathic Medical Association, Life Member- Homoeopathic Medical Association of India, Life Member- Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians, Life Member- Indian Medico-legal and Ethics Association, author of several research papers, articles, case presentations, and books. faculty to several National and International Conferences, recipient of many International and National Awards, Chief Managing Director- Homoeo Cure & Research Institute, Sparsh Multispecialty Hospital and Vaibhav Homoeopathic Pharma.

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