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‘Homeopathy for Farm and Garden’ by V.D.Kaviraj

Patricia Hatherly reviews the second revised edition of Dr. Kaviraj’s popular book.

Reviewed by Patricia Hatherly

Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj, 2011; second revised edition 336 pages, hb
Narayana Publishers ISBN 078-3-941706-47-7

Reprinted with permission from the author, from -The Australian Homoeopathic Association – National Newsletter- Spring 11 #111

This beautifully constructed hardback publication of 320 pages is a delight to read. It consists of 15 well-defined chapters (the last one being a repertory) published on excellent quality paper and delightfully and colourfully illustrated. A clever note is the use of various shades of green to highlight text headings.

This is a book for the gardener who has an interest in biodynamic farming as well as the homoeopath. It begins with a thought-provoking section on agriculture and tox­icity and the need for farming using methods cognisant of the Consciousness which directs all Life, and then goes on to explain, in simple terms, the basic principles of homoeopathic philosophy and use of homoeopathic remedies. Chapters discussing the various methods of agriculture, soil structure and plant structure are fol­lowed by a comprehensive discussion on the treatment of plant diseases arising from nutrient imbalances and companion planting using homoeopathic remedies.
The second half of the book is devoted to “pests” and covers the use of remedies to repel insects of all kinds as well as remedies for all the various bacterial, viral and fungal diseases that beset our plants. It concludes with a discussion of how various first aid remedies and some polychrests can be used when plants sustain injuries, and the use of remedies to deal with weeds.

The book is comprehensively indexed and referenced which makes it very user-friendly. With a planet in the mood for reducing its carbon footprint, this is a book for our times and could well revolutionise the agricultural landscape of the future. It is a work that I would recom­mend to both the serious as well as the sometime gar­dener who is open to the use of homoeopathy.

Ed. Note: Patricia Hatherly is the Book Review Manager at the Australian Homoeopathic Association

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Patricia Hatherly

Patricia Hatherly BA DipEd, BHSc (Hom), is a clinician based in Brisbane and a well known speaker both in Australia and overseas. She is the author of The Homœopathic Physician’s Guide to Lactation (2004) and The Lacs A Materia Medica & Repertory (2010). Since sharing knowledge is her passion, she developed an e-Newsletter Milk Matters, so that colleagues and students coould share the insights that she has gained from working with mothers and babies for nearly 40 years. Patricia had conducted and published several provings and is a regular contributor to journals both national and international. Her work (provings, conference papers and journal articles) is available for perusal at: www.patriciahatherly.com

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