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Soul & Survival – The Common Human Experience

Soul & Survival – The Common Human Experience

Author: Grant Bentley
Publisher: Grant Bentley
ISBN: 9780646495293
Paperback 400 pages
Price: $50.00 AUD
Reviewed By:
Janine McClelland,
Ad Dip Hom Prof Memb AHA AROH reg Dip Teach B. Ed

Soul & Survival is the third book written by Grant Bentley, and has been written for practitioners as well as the general public. The information that has formed the basis of the book has been gathered from the sharing of thousands of life stories, in order to clearly establish the patterns of stress reactions and responses observed.

From a practitioner’s perspective, Soul & Survival is a step-by-step guide as to how and why the simillimum works, how homeopathy employs natural forces and laws, what a miasm is and how it is utilised both in the positive and the negative, and how homeopathy treats the memories that lay in the unconscious.

The book clearly defines the difference between the soul and the survival instinct (miasm) and the purpose that each serves, further explaining that an imbalance between these two forces forms the basis of chronic disease. As a practitioner, this knowledge is important to better understand the behaviour, nature and treatment of patients.

Another vital section of information for practitioners is the relationship between the survival instinct and an individual’s facial features. The book is supported by a free online facial analysis program, (www.soulandsurvival.com) so it is possible to determine a patient’s survival instinct grouping (or miasm in homeopathic terms) in order to select a remedy that the patient will respond to at the deepest level. I practice using this method and find using Grant’s previous book Homeopathic Facial Analysis much quicker, but the online tool is useful for beginners.

The basis of the information in Soul & Survival comes from the understanding that individuals survive by existing in groups, and it is the role of the survival instinct of each individual to ensure that they are not excluded. There are seven distinct ways that the survival instinct has evolved over time to ensure its safety and longevity, and each of these seven groups (also called traditional roles) are explained in full detail, outlining each group’s skills, motivations, strengths and weaknesses.

The function and purpose of the soul is also discussed, not in a religious sense, but rather as the capacity to think outside of oneself, to learn, grow, love and create. To fulfil both the needs of the soul and the survival instinct is the individual task of each and every person, and understanding the interaction of these two forces competing within can assist with the challenge.

Because many patients also wanted to know about this information, Soul & Survival has been written without homeopathic jargon so that the concepts and information can be more easily understood. Many of my patients are reading the book and also using the online facial analysis program, (which determines a miasm through facial analysis) to look at their children, partners and other important people in their lives, in order to understand them from a perspective that allows for more co-operative interaction.

For any reader, this book offers the opportunity of understanding themselves and others in a new and unique way, with a sense of gratitude and compassion for the contributions that each individual offers. For homeopaths it explains in depth the purpose and outcome of miasms.

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Ad Dip Hom Prof Memb AHA AROH reg Dip Teach B. Ed

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