Author - Diderik Finne

Ganglion Cyst in a Woman of 30

Homeopath Diderik Finne presents a case of ganglion cyst in a woman of 30.  Desire for fruit and fear of unknown things under the water, were symptoms that led to the simillimum.

Kidney Reflux in a Young Child

Homeopath Diderik Finne presents a case of serious kidney reflux in a child 1.5 years old. Doctors had planned to operate. Warm blooded, never wants socks on and has stinky poops were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Does the Novel Coronavirus Really Exist?

Homeopath Diderik Finne questions whether COVID-19 is a true epidemic, or just a seasonal wave of flu combined with a number of unrelated cases. He presents evidence that most people are unaware of. Read this with an open mind...

A Bundle of Nerves

Homeopath Diderik Finne finds the simillimum for a woman of 40 suffering from anxiety, uncontrollable thoughts and guilt feelings and an obsessional desire to please.

Sudden Facial Neuralgia in a Woman of 45

Homeopath Diderik Finne shares a case of sudden facial neuralgia in a woman of 45. Neuralgia of the 5th [trigeminal] nerve was the culprit and her acute pain, triggered by chewing and swallowing led to the simillimum.