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Poisons that Heal

Written by Dr. Manish Bhatia

Poisons that Heal

Author: Eileen Naumann
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Reviewed By: Dr. Manish Bhatia

This is another of those self-help books on Homeopathy meant for lay-people. But it’s different in many ways. To begin with it’s title ‘Poisons That Heal’ is very deceptive. No! it’s not a book on snake-remedies and also it has nothing specific to do with the ‘poisons’ that heal. It’s an introductory self-help book on Homeopathy with the potential to get someone hooked.

The focus of the book is not in making the reader understand all the basics of Homeopathy but it’s focus is on making people use homeopathic remedies for different conditions. The theme is ‘Use it and you will see it works!’.

Eileen Nauman is not a Homeopath. Sorry, she is not ‘just a homeopath’! She is a homeopath, a researcher, Bach-flower and natural essence user, and a medical astrologer too! To sum up, she is a ‘healer’ who uses every possible way to help her patients. And her diversity is visible in her book too. The book has three very interesting sections that make it different.

The first one is ‘Killer epidemics and How to survive them’. This chapter deals with the use of homeopathic medicines in modern epidemics of Ebola virus, Hanta virus, Streptococcus-A etc. Eileen and some of her friends have done some research on what homeopathy medicines can prove useful in such epidemics. This section due to it’s technical nature would prove more useful for homeopaths.

The second section is about natural essences. Eileen uses Bach-flower remedies and other natural essences frequently and has described the use of various essences in this section. The method of ‘proving’ an essence described by Eileen is very interesting.

The third interesting section is on medical astrology. Eileen uses astrology to predict the onset of epidemics and here she has dealt with the technicalities of it. This is something different but not easily comprehensible by everyone.

Apart from these three sections, the rest of the book deals with various diseases and conditions ranging from cuts, wounds, cold, other infectious diseases to psychological problems. A full chapter has been dedicated to the homeopathic management of menopause. With every condition, useful medicines have been listed and described in a very lucid manner, keeping in mind the target audience. A small reference materia-medica and a therapeutic index of medicines has also been provided. A very useful homeopathy resource index has also been provided which contains links and addresses of places from where more information and help regarding Homeopathy can be obtained.

Overall, a very useful book!

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