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The Life and Work of James Compton Burnett – By Dr. John Henry Clarke – Reviewed in The Homeopathy World

The Life and Work of James Compton Burnett – By Dr. John Henry Clarke – Reviewed in The Homeopathy World

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ISBN 13: 4444006874429

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Reviewed in The Homeopathic World. – Jan. 1, 1904

The appearance of this volume must rank as one of the many items which redound to the credit of the British Homeopathic Association. If it had not been for the formation of this Association it is more than likely that the effort to found a memorial to the late Dr. Burnett would not have taken practical shape.

The present volume is at once an outcome of that effort, and a means for bringing it to a successful issue. The compiler has to a large extent let Dr. Burnett paint his own portrait—the portrait of the most dogged, persevering, resourceful curer of modem times. No one realised more than Dr. Burnett the truth of the opening dictum of Hahnemann’s Organon —the sole object of the physician is to cure.

Among old-school physicians of the present day there is none who is more deservedly popular than Dr. Goodheart. At the opening meeting of the Physical Society of Guy’s Hospital in October last, Dr. Goodheart (Med . Press, October 20th) defined the doctor’s place in the community. He was discoursing on “Pitfalls.”

One of the pitfalls he warned his hearers against was the idea that they could cure. “ he expression, ‘I cure this or that,’ heard so often on every side, is not a nice one. We cure hams! Disease gets well while we look on and assist as best we can.” Here we have an honest description of what orthodox physic can do, and what it aims at!

Dr. Burnett’s whole professional life is a mighty practical protest against this therapeutic nihilism; and the volume before us may be commended to doctor and layman alike as an inspiration and an encouragement. We trust every reader of the Homeopathic World will buy a copy. We think it will be found to be readable as well as instructive.

For the benefit of medical readers a portion of the compiler’s preface may be reproduced:

“ There is no homeopathic writer whose clinical work is more frequently quoted at the present day than is that of Dr. Burnett; and there is none whose influence is more constantly visible in the writings of others. But whilst this is the case, there are many who have not clearly apprehended the working of Dr. Burnett’s mind, and many who have failed to master the methods by which he obtained his ends.

By means of the data given in the following sketch medical men will, I think, be able to put themselves in Dr. Burnett’s standpoint and to work out for themselves problems such as those he solved. Students of Dr. Burnett’s works—and every medical man and every medical student ought to study them —will find in this volume a key to simplify their studies.”

“Physicians,” said Dr. Burnett, “must be firm, and not allow themselves to be sneered or jeered away from their duty, but always try to cure everything; I do not mean pretend, but try.”

The methods by which he achieved success are detailed at length in this volume.  His motto was “keep pegging away.” But “pegging away” would have been useless without the guiding light of homeopathy, which he used in an original way with signal success.

The work of Dr. Burnett in the therapeutic world— in spite of all that he achieved in his lifetime—is only just beginning. The compiler hopes that this little volume will serve to hasten the spread of therapeutic enlightenment and power, and at the same time to keep the memory green of him to whose efforts and genius it is due.

It may be added that the cost of printing and publishing the volume is borne by the Burnett Memorial Fund, and any profits there may be after expenses are paid will go to the Fund. The compiler has no proprietary interest in the book.

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