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Can Homeopathy Work? – Spirit in Matter by Péter Hassmann is reviewed by László Bóna

Can Homeopathy Work? – Spirit in Matter by Péter Hassmann is reviewed by homeopath László Bóna. The author, a researcher in spiritual sciences, explores the immaterial world.

Do we have any notion of the immaterial world? Have you any idea of which form something that does not exist materially might assume? And just what path is it, leading across the tangible, measurable world we are well-acquainted with, that might lead us to an understanding of the world existing immaterially?

A path that, moreover, does not force us to discard everything we have learned and everything that appeared to make sense? A path that now turns out to make sense from another point of view. A completely new approach. This is the path Péter Hassmann invites us to follow in his book titled Can Homeopathy Work? – Spirit in matter .

Péter Hassmann, whom we may define as a researcher in spiritual sciences, has spent decades endeavouring to elaborate a synthesis of anthroposophy and homeopathy, to develop a unified understanding of the forces governing the functioning of our world that integrates the nature of water with projective geometry, or else the structures found in the set-up of human bodies with the laws of music.

He seeks to demonstrate how our human earthly vocation resides in balancing the forces of the spiritual world. Through his lectures and experiments, he has crystallized the knowledge that he now presents in this book, which is a dense summary of his oeuvre.

If we want to put it simply, Péter Hassmann’s book Can Homeopathy Work? – Spirit in Matter is a proof of the existence of God. Or more exactly, it is a tangible explanation of the spiritual origin of the world.

It is the apprehensible demonstration of the fact that everything we perceive as lifeless originates in the living, that the living precedes the lifeless in the world, and that everything that is alive is a trace of the creative presence of a spirit operating in reality.

His book discloses with enlightening power the evidence that this cannot be otherwise: everything spiritual possesses the same degree of reality as what we have been considering to be real up to this point. So what is it we call spiritual?

To describe it, this book does not lean on theological explanations based on faith, but instead on precisely that which people raised on the actual standard of so-called objective science consider to be real: on geometry.

By overgoing Euclidian geometry with the help of projective geometry, this book demonstrates how it is possible to explode every belief we held up to now about material reality, precisely by exhaustively processing material reality.

This is how Péter Hassmann’s reasoning leads us, through the examining of the conclusions of projective geometry, through the discussion of the Platonic bodies to the notion of sphere, and with the help of latter, to the perception of the nature of water and its role to the essence of life and the role we human beings are called to fulfil on the Earth.

The title Can Homeopathy Work? is a question. Who might be interested in finding an answer to precisely this question? All those who do not conceive of something they never had the occasion of experiencing on the basis of a false rationality and along preconceptions.

And why homeopathy of all things? Because homeopathy is precisely the one approach allowing us to experience those dimensions of reality which we might be inclined to deem hypothetical. Understanding homeopathy is therefore consonant with the purpose of the author: it leads us to understanding the reality of the spiritual creative forces at work in matter.

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László Bóna

László Bóna, a well-known educator and prolific author of popular and professional homeopathic literature in Hungary and president of the Association for the Art of Homeopathic Healing in Hungary since 2006.

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