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Human Chemistry Integrated Therapy – by Ton Jansen Reviewed by Rochelle Marsden

Human Chemistry Integrated Therapy, by Ton Jansen is reviewed by Rochelle Marsden. The book discusses Jansen’s Hierarchy of Toxins, levels of physical health and levels of mental health and explains his detox methods.

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Language                       English
Pages                                304
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I have the pleasure to review for you the eagerly awaited new Ton Jansen book which is also entitled, ‘A New Approach’, ‘Effective Treatments For 21st Century Diseases’ and ‘Book 1 Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Food Substances and Additives’

This innovative book begins with the Contents and I am so pleased to see that in Chapter 5- Hormones, Chapter 6 -Neurotransmitter and Chapter 7- Food Substances & Additives, all the remedies which he gives a Materia Medica for are in alphabetical order. That is such an improvement on his first book Fighting Fire With Fire!

There is a Foreword by Roger Savage, who was co-editor of the book with the amazing Lous Wijnkoop, (who transcribes Ton’s seminars for the attendees, in which he describes Ton’s work as “literally ground breaking.”)

Next is a Foreword by Ries IJsseldijk who discusses Ton’s new perspective on prescribing and then an Introduction from Ton himself where he explains, “the need for a lot of ‘new’ sarcodes and nutritional substances”

Chapter 1 – ‘How I developed Human Chemistry, Integrated Therapy’, is as it says in the title. He includes 2 tables – Levels of Physical Health and Levels of Mental Health which includes the Possible Miasms, Constitution and a Comment.

Also here is his update of the important Hierarchy of Toxins table which gives the Medication/Toxin involved and the Main organ systems involved. He has changed the positions of Vaccinations and Chemical Volatiles & Radiation in his hierarchy of what needs detoxing first, and he explains why.

Antihistamines are also now there at the top. Ton gives a couple of cases to explain his new thoughts. I like that here and throughout the book, important sections are highlighted in colour. The potencies he now uses are discussed and he has included the guidelines for treatment, which were in Fighting Fire with Fire, including the course timetables as well as information about combining courses.

Chapter 2 – ‘What Do We Mean by Human Chemistry, Integrated Therapy.’ He states that this new method of prescribing is used because most of his patients have multi layered complex conditions and I think most of us can identify with that these days.

He discusses the importance of orthomolecular treatment after analysing blood test results and also of dietary advice if needed. He quotes from the Organon to emphasis this. The Timeline Template is something new he has come up with and he gives us an easy way of getting the information from the patient together with bringing their latest blood test results with them.

Chapter 3– ‘Food Advice and Nutritional Supplements’. This subject is given in Fighting Fire with Fire and here are updates beginning with a reference to Aphorism 260.

We then get the first of many human chemistry processes that are in the book. All are illustrated using a coloured diagram/flowchart to make them easier to follow through a process.

It would have been helpful if they had been given a title. The small one in this chapter is the Metallothionein Process (MT) and describes how zinc helps to clear toxic metals. Ton always gives dietary advice in the form of food sources when possible. Magnesium and psyllium husks are discussed as well as nutritional advice to give to patients.

Chapter 4 – ‘Remedy Reactions’ or ‘What to do when (unwanted) reactions occur due to detox remedies’. This information was given in Fighting Fire with Fire but not as a chapter on its own. However it has been changed slightly. I have had to do this only twice since I began this method of prescribing with patients who need it and both times it worked perfectly.

Chapter 5 – ‘Hormones (including Precursor hormones)’. In this chapter Ton discusses the 10 glands that make up the endocrine system which distribute hormones throughout the body. He explains the imbalance that can be caused by an unhealthy diet as well as medications. There are also precursors to hormones and he discusses the individual peptide hormones in detail.

Ton then discusses 24 hormones including 5 polyremedies in detail with their functions – helped by his wonderful flowchart diagrams. Applications, themes, the picture of the remedy, DD’s and cases are all there.

Examples are Cholesterol, Cortisol, Poly Hormones and Poly Contraceptives. Information he wants us to note are again highlighted in colour. Although some of these remedies are also in Fighting Fire with Fire, they are expanded upon here with Ton’s increasing use of them.

The criticism of this chapter is that not all of the great flow charts are actually explained. I feel I need his voice from the seminars guiding me through if there is no explanation. A title for each flow chart would also be helpful. The other thing the book needs is an appendix, where initials that are used can be looked up to see what they represent, e.g CRH=Corticotropin Releasing Hormone.

Chapter 6 – ‘Neurotransmitters’. Firstly there is an introduction which explains what a neurotransmitter is. There is a very useful chart on page 151 giving the ‘Symptoms when Unbalanced’ and the ‘Possible cause’ i.e insomnia/sleeping disorder and decreased Gaba, increased dopamine.

There is a section called ‘How neurotransmitters work’ followed by the Functions, Picture, Application, DD and cases for 23 remedies, some of which have never been heard of before. Examples of neurotransmitters are Adrenaline, Dopamine, Gc-Maf and Histamine.

I have just been reading Dopamine and a case of someone with Parkinson’s who improved so much in 8 months. It’s worth getting the book to read these cases where everything that has been given is explained and it all makes perfect sense!

Chapter 7 – Food Substances and Additives. Firstly Ton gives a short Introduction and then takes us through the Elimination Diet with reference to gluten intolerance and IBS.

Next is a paragraph about the natural opioids in food with a list of them and their food sources. Apparently, they raise the level of dopamine which is where the problem lies. There are then 10 remedies given with Materia Medica, Theme, Organ or Organ system, Picture, Applications DD and then cases.

This is valuable material as it doesn’t exist anywhere else that I know of. Examples of the remedies are Aspartame and Monosodium glutamate, which could be called remedies of our era!!

So, in my usual way I will end with the “who is this book written for” paragraph. Obviously, it has been written because of requests from those homeopaths all over the world who have been attending Ton’s live and recently online seminars who realised that the information Ton had accrued could not be found elsewhere.

I came across Ton when I reviewed his first book Fighting Fire with Fire and his method appealed to me because what he wrote made perfect sense and it was a way of treating all these complex cases that we get nowadays. That was in 2017 and I haven’t looked back.

As Ton has included his Guidelines on the method and how it is used, this book is also suitable for those with no previous knowledge of Human Chemistry – formally called Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT). It is a new way of treating the patients with multi-layered complex problems and complex history of mental and emotional problems as well a history of allopathic medication. This may well mean our usual prescribing methods won’t work as well as we expect, because of the ‘obstacles to cure’ let alone ‘maintaining conditions’. Ton gives us the tools to remove these in this very innovative book.

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Rochelle Marsden

Rochelle Marsden MSc, RSHom, MNWCH, AAMET is a member of the Hpathy team, a registered classical homeopath (Society of Homeopaths), and has run Southport Homeopathic Practice in the UK SINCE 1999. Rochelle completed a 2 year post-grad course with Dr. Ramakrishnan and another with Dr. S. Banerjea, and an intense Clinical Training in India with Dr. Ramakrishnan. She is a tutor for The British Institute for Homeopathy (BIH) and is a regional tutor for local homeopathic colleges. She is also a practitioner in meridian therapies, EFT (Cert. Advanced) and Matrix Reimprinting. Visit Rochelle at : http://www.southporthomeopathy.co.uk/

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