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Beef and Kidney Pie

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Mom, why on earth did you name the quiz “Beef and Kidney Pie”?

I don’t know, Shana, I don’t know! I need help! Where are the writers?

Didn’t you know? There’s a writer’s strike!

A writer’s strike? Don’t I pay them enough?

Mom, you don’t pay them anything!

Of course I don’t pay them anything, this is, for God’s sake, home of George Vithoulkas! It’s an honor to go broke here!

Mom, you just got another memo from Dr. B….

I know, I know… “Start the case!” OK, Shana, this case actually took place five years ago this month! It was an Discussion Board case that I took.

You’ve been here that long?

Shana, I’ve been here so long, I’m calcifying–much like this quiz case:

July 7, 2003

Male, 42 years old. Banker. Sonography shows renal calculi 5 mm in the left kidney. The left kidney is slightly swollen. Uneasiness and puffed feeling in lower abdomen. He has to walk in bent position and hold the abdomen while walking. He’s better lying on his back in the knee-bent position. Lying on left side is better too. Worse lying on right side. Chill and feverish. Mouth feeling of dryness and desire to sip water at room temperature frequently. Last night he was very restless, kept tossing about. No position seemed comfortable. No appetite. Doctor has advised him to drink lots of water. He is better for a hot shower, after which he can stand erect for a short while.

I recommended the patient take _______________30C. After just one dose, the following post appeared:

When I met the patient this morning, he said that immediately after the dose of ____________ he felt the pain vanish and he could turn on which ever side he desired. He is of the opinion the kidney stone is gone! Soreness/swelling in the left kidney region was gone by the time I visited him at 11 a.m. today. I have advised him not to take any remedy now and only if the pain or discomfort comes up again to repeat ________ after succussing in water. This discussion board is a very friendly neighborhood.

Good going, mom!

Do any of you out there know what the remedy is? Please write to my mom at [email protected], the answer will be in next month’s ezine!

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