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Child Has Scary Virus, Hears Voices!


See if you can solve this creepy Quiz!

Mom, I hope you’re ready for the March Quiz because I have some announcements to make.

So I’ve heard!  But you know, our biggest and most important announcement is my brother Robin’s 80th birthday celebration which was held last Sunday in Maryland! 

That’s me on the right.

Everybody knows that, Mom!  Where is the picture of me and my cousin Jon?

Oh, there we are!  And as I think I may have mentioned previously, Jon is much cooler than you are!

He is not!

A good time was had by all!

The cake was excellent!  Oh, and let’s not forget our other big announcement!

What was that?

The Lego Contest at Christopher Columbus Charter School–where you work.  I was chosen to be a judge! 

Mom, you asked to be a judge!

Every class was supposed to build a city with Legos.  Here are all the judges:

That’s me in the center.

Everybody knows that, Mom!

I voted for “Snoopyville”.  Who won?

They announced it over the loud-speaker, but, I forgot.

Well, oh great!  That’s just great!

Can we possibly move along to my announcements?

If we have to.

I read a rather strange article recently.  Apparently NBC has ordered a pilot for an unnecessary reboot of our favorite movie “What About Bob?”  The Bob Wiley and Dr. Marvin characters are now female!  I don’t know why Hollywood feels the need to reboot literally everything!  Now, I’m not a sexist…

You’re not?

… but this whole reboot idea is completely unoriginal!

I’ll have to take your word for it.

This movie is a classic!  You can’t just recreate brilliance!

Probably not.

The original is hilarious and in my opinion the performances by Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss are untouchable.

I can hear Dr. Marvin now, saying, “He’s not gone!  That’s the whole point!  He’s never gone!  Ya see?!?”  And Bob saying, “Is this some radical new therapy?”  There just aren’t that many classic movies.  It’s like when Chubby Checker tried to do over “The Twist” by Hank Ballard and made a complete fool out of himself!

Mom, FYI, nobody knows what you’re talking about (except for me).   But, as I was trying to say, I would rather the movie had gotten a sequel rather than a do-over but I guess it’s too late now.

If only someone had consulted you!

I would have wanted to see Bob Wiley and Dr. Marvin in court over the rights to the “Death Therapy” book.  I also would have wanted to see the family that Bob and his wife Lily (Dr. Marvin’s sister) created and all the ways that would have driven Dr. Marvin crazy.  My idea would have been that  Bob and Lily Marvin-Wiley would have two children and they would have named them Leo and Leah after Dr. Leo Marvin.

Good idea!

Here’s a trailer.  If our readers have never seen “What About Bob”, this would be a good time to see it!

Now, if we can possibly move on to the Muppets…

The Muppets?

You may be interested to know that Frank Oz (voice of Miss Piggy) has directed a documentary about them!

It’s apparently about behind-the-scenes at the Muppet Show.  I need to see this documentary!

Oy vey.  Rick!!!!!

Do you have to call Daddy for everything?  Also speaking of the Muppet Show, I just found this.  I never knew they did this.

Did what?


Oh!  You mean they did “Mr. Bass Man”?  Well, that’s great, but, they didn’t do it very well–I’m sorry to say.

Mom, you’re entirely too judgmental!  Now, before we start the quiz, I have an unfortunate death to announce.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Valerie Carter…

Nope, sorry, haven’t heard.  Well, moving right along….

Mom!  She used to sing backup for various singers, not the least of which was James Taylor.

Aaaaaah!!!!!!  I knew it!

Here is a video I took from a VHS called “Squibnocket”.

Called what?

As a quick explanation, Squibnocket is apparently a place in Martha’s Vineyard.

No one cares, Shana!

What I find interesting about this video is that it is only a rehearsal and yet it still sounds flawless.

That’s because of all the times they rehearsed it!

I have such fond memories of this video.  I think it was on the Disney Channel a long time ago before it became all-teen all the time.  Anyway the song I chose to honor Valerie in is “Got to stop thinkin’ ’bout that” from the 1991 New Moon Shine album mostly because I think the background voices are great.

If you say so.

In the video Valerie is the woman with blonde hair standing next to David Lasley, the man with the long blonde hair standing next to Arnold McCuller…

Who I understand is now your facebook friend!

Mom, he just liked a comment I wrote on his musician page, we’re not Facebook friends in the traditional Webster’s definition of “Facebook friend”.

I didn’t know Webster had bothered to define “facebook friend”.

So, now, since March 25th is both Elton John’s and Aretha Franklin’s birthday, they’re going to lead us into the Quiz with “Border Song”.

Very good.  Well!  OK, everyone, and now for the Great and Fabulous

Hpathy Quiz!!!!

So, now it appears that not only do I take online cases but also, apparently, Text Message Cases as well!  I got the following text message yesterday:

“Elaine, have you ever heard of someone, after having been sick with a fever, start to hear voices?  I am scared to death as “Mary” was sick with some virus last week.  She did well and recovered quickly with the remedies, she only had a fever one night.  That night she was restless, had dreams and was waking feeling they were still going on!  She told me tonight, while crying, that she has been hearing voices.  They are yelling at her and she can’t stop thinking about them! 

Do you have _________________?  If so, give that and let me know what happens.

Yes, I have it, will give it when we get home. 

Any news yet?

She slept well last night.  No voices so far.  She has also been much happier.  I gave her 30C, couldn’t find the 200.  No coughing today.


Alright!  Do you know what the remedy is?  Write to me at [email protected] and let me know, the answer will be in next month’s ezine.  

And now, literally, this just in!  Very sad news.  Chuck Berry, the Grandfather of Rock ‘n’ Roll, just died at age 90.  

He was an act unto himself, he copied no one but MANY copied him!  Here he is on Bandstand from 1958 (Cuz they’ll be rockin’ on Bandstand, Philadelphia, PA!)

 Hey, that’s where we live!

No kidding!  When did you first find out?  By the way, did I mention I was on Bandstand 3 times?

You may have mentioned it once, or 50 million times.

I was half-watching the basketball game and half cooking dinner tonight, and all of a sudden I hear “Johnny B. Goode” on the TV and I’m like, “Why are they playing a Chuck Berry song in the middle of a basketball game?” and then I said to myself, “Ya know, we’re really lucky that Chuck Berry is still alive.”  Then, an hour later, I’m innocently checking my email and I see a notice from Soul Tracks that Chuck Berry died, and I SCREAMED, “Oh NO!”  And Shana was going, “What is it?”  and I yelled into the bedroom, “SHANA!!!!  CHUCK BERRY DIED!!!” and Shana came running in, and I immediately went to youtube and put on “Sweet Little 16”.  This is the best way to honor him, to play his music.

Mom, at least he lived a good long life.

I know.  At 90, a person is entitled to die.  That’s why I only cried a little bit.  But geez, last month it was Mary Tyler Moore.  This month, Chuck Berry…  

…and Valerie Carter.

Alright!  That’s it!  We’re outta here! 


Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.

Elaine takes online cases! Write to her at [email protected]

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Shana Lewis

Shana Lewis

Shana spices up the Hpathy Quiz with her timely announcements and reviews on the latest in pop culture. Her vast knowledge of music before her time has inspired the nickname: "Shanapedia"!

About the author

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis

Elaine Lewis, D.Hom., C.Hom.
Elaine is a passionate homeopath, helping people offline as well as online. Contact her at [email protected]
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