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SOS After Fainting

Our patient fainted and fell face-forward onto her teeth! Yikes! Try and guess the remedy!

Hi everybody, and welcome to the Hpathy Quiz!

Hi, Shana!

Happy Birthday, Mom… and Happy Father’s Day to Daddy…

Thanks, Shana!

And now on to important news.

Hey!  What could be more important than my birthday????

Mom, I think you will happy to hear, that at long last, The Spinners were chosen to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

You’re right, that IS more important than my birthday!

Unfortunately, most of the original members (except for Henry Fambrough and John Edwards) are gone now.  (In the picture above, Henry and John are seated next to each other.)

Stupid Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, waiting ’til everybody’s dead!

I also read something on Facebook about Henry retiring, and John was already retired; so, you might say it’s about time.

I’d call it long overdue.

This is also the 50th anniversary of their 1973 debut album simply titled “Spinners”.

It featured the very hits that launched them into the stratosphere, “I’ll Be Around” and “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love” on Atlantic.

Though I should hasten to add that the Spinners were on Motown previously with hits like “It’s A Shame” and “Truly Yours”.  Gee…I wonder if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame knows about G.C. Cameron who sang lead on “It’s A Shame”?  Probably not.

Here’s a very rare live performance with GC Cameron singing lead on “It’s a Shame”, which, I hear, was written by Stevie Wonder.  It looks like one of TJ Lubinsky’s live shows on PBS.

GC Cameron and The Spinners are a lot older in this video, I’m sure their Motown years were never filmed, and GC’s voice may be a little rusty with age now; but all the same, we’re lucky to have this—thanks to TJ Lubinsky and Public Television’s tireless efforts at saving and preserving the pioneers of Rock and Roll:

So, I found this apropos comment listed under the video, and I think it says everything:


11 years ago

One of the most underrated R&B groups of all time!!  19 #1 hits!!!  (The Jackson 5 was the only group to have more.)  They never won a Grammy and are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame!  ‘It’s a Shame’!!

 Hear, hear!

 So even though it’s too late for original lead singer, Bobbie Smith, to get recognition

it’s still kind of special that the induction looms in the 50th year of their first major hits.  I believe the ceremony airs on HBO but I haven’t heard a date yet.

Other people being inducted this year are the late George Michael, Chaka Khan and Bernie Taupin (Musical Excellence Award).  It’s certainly about time Bernie, Elton John’s lyricst, got recognition!

I knew it!  Elton John seems to magically appear in every issue of the Hpathy ezine!!!

He does not!!!  Which brings me to my next announcement.  It’s the 50th anniversary of “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player”.

Aaaah!!!!!!  Shana!!!!!!!!

Known for the hit “Daniel”, which actually has an interesting story attached.

I’m sure it does!!!!!!!

Apparently Bernie Taupin had read an article about a wounded Vietnam veteran who wanted to avoid the attention his home-coming would bring, but the last verse of the song was cut which led to a lot of speculation about it’s contents.

That’s it?  That’s your interesting story????

Oh, and Mom, are you sitting down?


Tina Turner died.

What????  OMG!!!

You sat on this story the whole time you were prattling on about Elton John and “Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player”????  Did you realize she was the Queen of Rock and Roll????

It’s rather ironic that the year she dies there’s a new Pringles commercial that features her song, “The Best”.

Yes, that is the height of irony!   (Not!)

I caught it on TV recently.

Do you want to talk about irony?  It’s ironic that Ike Turner, her husband, the man who made her famous, was also the man who nearly ruined her career with his abusive behavior; in fact, a movie was made about her life:

Possibly 2 movies.  Anyway, we have to put our bitterness towards Ike Turner aside and remember their music.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ike and Tina Turner with “I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine”:


And now, everybody, it is definitely…Showtime! 


Who’s in the Quiz this month, Mom?

Mara Loggo.

Who?  Mara Loggo???  Isn’t that the name of Donald Trump’s beach-front golf resort and country club?

No, Shana; that’s Mar a Lago.  This is Mara Loggo!

Ohhhhhhhh……  Right…  So what’s wrong with her?

I’m so glad you asked!  She fainted for some reason and landed on her teeth!

What???  Ouch! 

I know!  Can you think of anything worse?  Well, we managed to save all of them but one.  But the dentist didn’t do such a stellar job, I’ll tell ya that!

Well great, that’s just great!

Here’s what Mara said:



Sent: Sat, Apr 8, 2023 4:06 am

Subject: SOS after fainting

Elaine, I know it’s late but hoping you will know what to do.

Sorry I kept you waiting.

I fainted a couple hours ago and took a hard fall.  I don’t remember falling or what was hit but my husband said I was just face down on the floor.

I took Arnica, but nothing else.  I think Nat-s would be a good idea, but what else?  My head doesn’t hurt, but I cannot feel a number of my teeth. I’m very scared I have damaged them.  What can help?

Let’s try Hypericum and if that doesn’t work, Calendula.  Then, like you said, consider Nat-sulph and let me know what happens.

I have tried all of them, but nothing has made a difference.  My teeth are still numb and my whole jaw hurts at this point. 😞 I’m wondering if it’s broken.

Now let’s try Bellis perennis.

I took it and there’s less soreness now but I still can’t feel my teeth.  I’m really scared I’m going to lose them.

My husband made me go to the hospital.  It was a long time and an IV and scan but they found nothing.  Said I was dehydrated.  Interesting that for me, the Bellis is very slow acting and while there at the ER, I continued to see improvement until I’m left with what is mostly an issue in just one tooth.  I am still sore in my jaw and chin but much better.  So I’m repeating Bellis now.  It was a 200C.

Last night I had taken Arnica in 10M and I have no marks.  You cannot see one bruise or bump.  I actually wondered if they thought I was lying.  How do you do a total face plant on the floor and have no marks?  I’ll update tomorrow. Very tired tonight.


Sent: Sat, Apr 8, 2023 7:10 pm

Subject: Re: SOS after fainting

I think I’ll try more of the Bellis perennis unless you have another suggestion.  Teeth are better, except for the left front one which is numb while also being painful with pressure.  Do I need Hypericum again?

If the tooth is loose, I would take Calendula.

Calendula did not help.  Taking Ruta now and heading to bed.  I’ll update tomorrow.

Ten days later….

Things had been going along and getting better, but since yesterday it has been awful and nothing is helping.

That one tooth is still sensitive and feels weird, but now my whole jaw started to hurt on that side. It is just a terrible constant throbbing and chewing is very painful.  Lots of popping of my jaw when I open and close. The jaw is the worst thing.

I saw the dentist and they said my tooth has a concussion and nothing visible is happening.  It is not loose and has no cracks.  The jaw they thought was just from soft tissue damage.

Arnica, Ruta, and Hypericum are not helping.  I was last taking Symphytum as needed.  It is no longer helping either.  I am in misery.

Please help!

Mag-phos 6X four times a day.

I am a little better today.  No constant pain.  Still struggling to eat.  Biting down with the tooth and chewing hurt.  I can chew on the left side to eat.  I find I am wanting to shift my jaw to chew.

My coffee did send me through the roof this morning.  So I guess both hot and cold bother it now.  I guess that is good as the nerve must be working like it should?  I do hope it doesn’t  stay like this.  Only room temperature drinks, which sounds dull in the long term.

Not sure when to dose again?

Mara, try succussing your bottle 10 times, take another dose, and see what that does.

I took it about an 90 minutes ago.  I haven’t seen any further improvement and am starting to go backwards.

Let’s go to Causticum 30C.

The pain has been better today after the Causticum.  I am hoping it will last and I have turned the corner.

Four Days Later….

I took another dose a while ago.  It is not helping so far.  My tooth was hurting more before I took it.

Now since taking, it has begun to throb again.  I can actually feel my pulse in my tooth.  It’s super weird.  Also, any touch or pressure is a throbbing pain.

I don’t get it.  I definitely don’t feel I took it too soon.  This is decidedly worse though.  I was so encouraged today….

You need to do the Aggravation Zapper for the exact dose of causticum that aggravated and do it in the 6th cup.

I’m better but I’m very worried about my tooth.  I think the nerve and pulp may be dying as it seems to be changing color to more gray now.  There is a noticeable difference.  Is there any other remedy that may help with that?  I hate the thought of further dental intervention.  I wish I could save it.


Sent: Sun, May 7, 2023 11:29 am

Subject: Re: SOS after fainting


Sorry, we’ve had a lot going on with my father in law who is not doing well.

My tooth is such a pain.  I have started to have an aggravation nearly immediately after taking a dose.  I then zap it and it is fine.  I started using less succussions, but it was still happening.

However, today it just isn’t working.  No difference, even an aggravation.

At this point I’m back to the extreme sensitivity.  Even the air of my breath makes the tooth hurt.  It is a throbbing pain – sometimes I can feel a pulse there.  Cold and hot drinks make it worse and can cause a sharp pain.

Some other things I’ve noticed are that I wake up feeling better.  It goes down hill from there.  I’m thinking I am not moving my mouth during that time, so maybe better rest?

In spite of the sensitivity, food doesn’t bother it as much as drink, whatever the temp.  Strangely, after eating it is not worse.  I can’t say better, but not worse.  There is slight redness above the tooth.  The tooth is slightly gray.

I feel any movement and any touch is worse.  My tongue, and touching my face outside the tooth are both worse.  Any idea what to do next?  I am losing hope.

Belladonna 30C.  Try that and let me know what happens.

The Belladonna helped.  I feel that waiting for a relapse is not helping me move forward so I’m going to take another dose.

Second dose only helped for a bit and it is taking away the worst symptoms of the throbbing, redness, and extreme sensitivity.

However, the tooth is still very sore if touched or even shifting my mouth. Drinks hot or cold aren’t as bad but still aren’t good.  Should I try a 200? I’m so desperate to make some head way.  I see the dentist again next week and I think he’ll want to do more.

Yes, try 200C.

Anyway, I cannot figure out this tooth.  I have never had so much trouble managing with a remedy – as in when to take it again, etc.

Moved  up to Bell 200, and it helped that initial dose.  I felt symptoms returning this morning with increased pain when I washed my face and more sensitivity with drinks again.  I took a dose and it got worse.  I took the zapper and it improved for a while.  I was busy at work and noticed on the way home it was worsening again.  I took another dose after succussing the bottle and it’s not any better, but not worse.

You know, Mara, this constant relapsing like this, it usually means there’s a block in the case; in other words, there’s something going on physically that either can’t be corrected or can only be corrected by surgical intervention.

Well, Elaine, I guess you were right.  I went to my dentist appointment today and the dentist informed me that the nerve was almost completely dead and I had to get a root canal.  I think my sinus may have been punctured, it feels weird; stuffy and very tender to the touch.

Try ________________30C.

Elaine, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, it’s been mayhem around here.  With regard to my post-root canal issue, it’s gone.  It was much improved the next morning (after the remedy) and by the end of the next day it was all gone.  I never had to repeat it.


OK, everybody, that’s it!!!!  Very long, I apologize, but, maybe you have an idea now of what an incurable case looks like.

So if you know what the remedy is, write to me at [email protected].  The answer will be in next month’s ezine.  Correction: it’s here now!  Click below:

Revisiting: SOS After Fainting

Oh, and in honor of The Spinners getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, finally….  Here they are now.  RIP, Bobbie, you finally made it!


See you in July!


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