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Tinnitus is a disturbing ringing, buzzing sound in the ears. These noises are many times associated with many forms of hearing loss. The cause of tinnitus in anyone case can be obscure, as there are wide varieties of contributing factors. Treatment can be directed towards underlying cause, but if these are obscure, homeopathic treatment has its great value.

Tinnitus is noises heard in the ears, independent of any external sound. Tinnitus is a ringing sound in the ear or it could be other noises that seem to originate in the ear or in head. These noises are many times associated with many forms of hearing loss.

Ringing in the ear vary in frequency and pitch it could be loud or low, even type of sound also vary like wheezing, whistling, swashing, roaring etc. sound and their pitches varies from person to person.

The sound could be continuous or may come and go, thus it becomes extremely disturbing to people who have it. Tinnitus is usually a subjective phenomena.This can vary widely from whistling to hissing; roaring, buzzing or ringing and intensity can be from mild to distracting to maddening.

Cause of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is not a disease in itself but it is a reflection of something in ear and brain. It could be because of

  • Hearing loss
  • Trauma to hearing apparatus
  • Certain drugs like aspirin and quinine
  • Brain tumor
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Infection, fluid in middle ear
  • Exposure to loud noise
  • Aneurysms
  • Allergies
  • Advanced age
  • Low thyroid levels
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Wax in ear
  • Foreign body

The cause of tinnitus in anyone case can be obscure, as there are wide varieties of contributing factors. Ringing can be due to simple blockage of the ear canal or various ear conditions, infections, otosclerosis or Eustachian tube blockage due to allergy or virus.

There are many toxic causes of tinnitus, such as heavy metal poisoning, alcohol, antibiotics, quinine and especially asprin.

Other causes include arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, anemia, hypothyroidism and nerve injury from noises or pressure. Additionally, various disease of the nervous system itself (i.e. scuba diving). Additionally, various disease of the nervous system itself (benign tumors, infections, etc) have tinnitus in their symptom picture.

With all these persistent causes, all cases of persistent ear noises require diagnostic studies, including a CT scan.  Treatment can be directed towards underlying cause, but if these are obscure, homeopathic treatment has its great value.

Tinnitus Symptoms

Tinnitus is a subjective symptom. It can be heard in one or both ears or in the head.

The various sounds experienced by patients are

  • Wheezing
  • Buzzing
  • Hissing
  • Screaming
  • Humming
  • Whistling
  • Clicking
  • Roaring
  • Sounds of wind, waves
  • Tree frogs
  • Beeping

Diagnosis of Tinnitus

  • Evaluation consists of history and physical examination of the head and neck.
  • Hearing test – mainly include
    • Audiogram
  • Vertigo tests
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • In some cases –
    • Blood pressure
    • Thyroid levels
    • Spinal tap should also be examined

Homeopathic treatment for tinnitus

homeopathic remedies for tinnitus and meniere's diseaseHomeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach.

This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering.

The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat tinnitus but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several remedies are available to treat tinnitus that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensations and modalities of the complaints.  For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. There are following homeopathic remedies which are helpful in the treatment of tinnitus:

Ambra Grisea
Aurum Metallicum
Baryta Carbonica
Atropa Belladonna
Cactus Grandiflorus
Calcarea Carbonica Hahnemanii
Carbo Vegetabilis
Carboneum Sulphuratum
Causticum Hahnemanii
Cinchona Officinalis
Chininum Sulphuricum
Conium Maculatum
Kali Carbonicum
Lachesis Mutus
Lycopodium Clavatum
Menyanthes Trifoliata
Natrum Muriaticum
Strychnos Nux-vomica
Paris Quadrifolia
Pulsatilla Nigricans
Sepia Succus
Argentum Nitricum
Arsenicum Album
Chelidonium Majus
Chininum Arsenicosum
Digitalis Purpurea
Fluoricum Acidum
Ignatia Amara
Manganum Aceticum
Mercurius Solubilis Hahnemanni
Natrum Sulphuricum
Niccolum Metallicum
Osmium Metallicum
Phosphoricum Acidum
Ptelea Trifoliata
Stannum Metallicum
Sulphuricum Acidum
Tabacum, Nicotiana Tabacum
Zincum Metallicum


Chininum sulphuricum

Ringing in the eras; also with deafness. Meniere’s disease. Humming in the ears (as from Sulph. Quinine, but a less constant effect). Roaring in the ears, during the night. The person may also have a tendency toward chills and vertigo, during which the tinnitus is often worse.

Natrum salicylicum

Severe headache, ringing in the ears, deafness, and impairment of vision for distant objects. Produces marked effect upon the internal ear; with vertigo, deafness, noises in the ears with loss of bone conduction; hence is useful in Meniere’s disease. Vertigo when objects seem to move to the right; worse on rising from lying. Prostration after influenza.


Wind rushes out of her ears. A disagreeable pressure in the meatus, as if one were boring in it with the finger. Pulsation in the ears, with increased sharpness of hearing. Very sensitive to loud tones, he starts every time. Hardness of hearing. Attack of deafness, from congestion of blood, chiefly in the evening.

Noises in the ears. Ringing in the ears. Whistling and vocal murmurs in the ears, with pressive distensive pains as if something inside was trying to enlarge the cavity. Roaring in the ears, vertigo, and dull colic.

Remarkable roaring in the ears, and at the same time flickering before the eyes, especially the left, so that he was obliged to rub them frequently, with twitching of the left upper lid. First, a din as of trumpets and kettledrums in the ears, and as of the rushing of wind, immediately; afterwards a humming and buzzing, worse when sitting, better when standing and lying, still better when walking.

Salicylicum acidum

Vertigo, tendency to fall to the left side, surrounding objects seem to fall to the right; headache. Meniere’s disease. Simple deafness with tinnitus. Roaring and ringing in the ears. Deafness with vertigo. Effects of suppressed foot sweats.


Hissing ; ringing; rushing; roaring; cracking; or clucking sounds in the ears. Violent nocturnal roaring, ears feel stuffed at times (during the full moon). Sounds as of rolling thunder before the ears.

Cracking in the ear : when eating in the evening; on moving the jaw, but only in the morning while lying in bed; when sneezing. At every step feels as if a valve in right ear opened and closed. Loss of hearing, with dryness of the ears.

Acute pressure in the inner ear, like otalgia. Thin, watery, offensive discharge from both ears. Gluey, sticky discharge at the external meatus. People who need this remedy may also have a tendency toward constipation, poor concentration, and cracking skin eruptions.


Oversensitiveness of hearing. Roaring, humming and whizzing in the ears; hardness of hearing. Otorrhoea purulent, ichorous; after scarlatina; with impaired hearing.

People needing Lycopodium often have a tendency toward ear infections with discharge, as well as chronic digestive problems or urinary tract complaints.

Calcarea carbonica

Hardness of hearing, also after suppression of intermittent by quinine. Singing and roaring or crackling in the ears. Cracking in the ears when chewing. Strange and peculiar noise in the ears when swallowing.

Pulsating in the ears. Purulent, offensive discharge from the ears. People who need this remedy are usually chilly, easily fatigued, crave sweets, and feel overwhelmed and anxious when unwell.

Carbo vegetabilis

Ringing in ears : buzzing. Something heavy seems to lie before the ears; they seemed stopped, hearing not diminished. Deafness after acute skin infection : abuse of mercury: ears too dry. Offensive otorrhoea.

The person may feel cold and faint, but usually has a craving for fresh and moving air. Carbo vegetabilis is also helpful when an illness has been prolonged or recovery is slow.

China (Cinchona officinalis)

This remedy is often indicated after fluids have been lost through vomiting, diarrhea, heavy sweating, and surgery or other conditions involving blood loss. Fine ringing in ears, debility. Hardness of hearing; humming in ears. Stitches in the ears.


People likely to respond to this remedy often have pain and muscle tension in the neck and back. They are usually energetic, nervous, and talkative, but become depressed or fearful when not feeling well.

Headaches and problems during menstrual periods are often seen in people who need this remedy. Sensitive to least noise. Singing in the left, later in both ears.

Coffea cruda

This remedy may be helpful to an excitable, nervous person with tinnitus accompanied by extremely sensitive hearing and a buzzing feeling in the back of the head. People who need this remedy often have insomnia from mental overstimulation.

more acute, music has a shrill sound. Aversion to noise; it hurts him Crackling noise in the head (one side), synchronous with the pulse; particularly morning and in the open air; better in-doors.

Kali carbonicum

Roaring, whizzing, crackling noises. Headache and noises in the ear after a cold drink. Hearing impaired. Stitches from within outward; also with drawing behind the ears. Otitis.

People who need this remedy are often quite conservative, with a rigid code of ethics. They tend to feel anxiety in the region of the stomach.

Natrum sulph.

There is ringing sound of bells in ear, tickling of ears. Tinnitus after head injury.

Ledum pal.

Ringing, or roaring in the ears, as from wind. Hardness of hearing : (right ear) as if the ear were obstructed by cotton; after cutting the hair; after chilling the head.


Sensation as if ears were closed. Sick headache, coming on early in morning, intolerable by noon; deathly nausea, violent vomiting, greatly aggravated by noise and light. Nausea and vomiting on least motion. Tinnitus in Meniere’s disease.

Tinnitus Cases Cured with Homeopathy Medicine

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M.D. (Hom), CICH (Greece)
Dr. (Mrs) Manisha Bhatia is a leading homeopathy doctor working in Jaipur, India. She has studied with Prof. George Vithoulkas at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. She is the Director of Asha Homeopathy Medical Center, Jaipur's leading clinic for homeopathy treatment and has been practicing since 2004.

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  • treating the source of the tinnitus really in my opinion is the best way to go get rid it. The source should be gone as well right?

  • Mam, i m suffering from tinitus since 2 months when i was suffered from cold. I feel ringing sound every time 24hours.I also examine my ear and found mild deafness. Doctors told me that it is due to weaness of ear nurve and give medicine for one month but not cure at all after the medicine. So i want to know that any treatment of tinitus is awailable in homeopathy. Pl reply

  • Hello Doctor- I have a 24×7 whizzing sound in my ear for several years – I ignore it most of the time but in the morning hours or if I am awaken at night – it becomes very intolerable. When I get busy or as the day progresses, I don’t feel it but it is there – if I take a moment, I hear the same. My doctor said my ear is clean of wax or any blockage – like to hear if any homeopathic treatment possible.

  • Dear doctor , I have this loud hissing noise in my ears. It started a week ago and went to the doctor who said I have wax and he cleaned it with water pressure and still I am hearing this noise . I can’t sleep at night and whole day I hear it . Plz I need your help

  • The ringing in my ears started about 30 minutes after my first COVID shot and got a little worse after my second COVID shot (both Moderna). I got COVID three months later and that is when the ringing became much louder. I started taking 1000mg a day of MSM (Sulfur) and 500mg of Glutathione and the ringing has now subsided to somehere between shot one and shot two. I am stepping up my MSM to 2,000 a day to see if it helps more.

  • Ringing or Gooing sound in right ear since 35-40 years. Sometime its aggrevated and could be an issue. Moving neck or jaw increases the sound.

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