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Homeopathy for Kidney Stone

kidney stones homeopathy
Written by Dr. Manisha Bhatia

Homeopathy remedies can dissolve kidney stones & reduce stone pain. Berberis vulgaris and Lycopodium are used to cure renal calculi. This article gives details of most useful homeopathy remedies for kidney stones that can reduce the kidney stone pain and help to dissolve or expel them.

Looking for the best homeopathic medicine for kidney stone removal? This article gives details of most useful homeopathy remedies for kidney stones that can reduce the kidney stone pain and help to dissolve or expel them.

Kidney stones, also called renal calculi, are solid concretions (crystal aggregations) of dissolved minerals in urine; calculi typically form inside the kidneys or bladder.

Nephrolethiasis refers to renal stone disease; urolithiasis refers to the presence of stones in the urinary system.

The majority of stones consist of calcium, usually as calcium oxalate, but they can contain uric acid, and struvite (magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate).

causes of kidney stones, symptoms and treatment of kidney stones

What causes kidney stones?

The kidneys are the vital organs of our body that filter waste products from the body. Sometimes there is deposition of mineral made up of calcium, uric acid and amino acid cysteine causes kidney stones.

Several factors increases the risk for developing kidney stones, including inadequate fluid intake and dehydration, reduced urinary volume etc. anything that blocks or reduces the flow of urine also increases the risk.


  • Organisms such as proteus, pseudomonas, and klebsiella produce recurrent UTI. These organisms produce urea and cause stasis of urine which precipitate stone formation. Nucleus of the stone may harbor these bacteriae.

Hot climate

  • Causes increase in concentration of solutes, resulting in precipitation of calcium which forms calcium oxalate stones.

Dietary factors

  • Diet rich in red meat, fish, eggs, can give rise to aciduria.
  • Diet rich in calcium, tomatoes, milk, and spinach produce calcium oxalate stones.
  • Diet lacking in vitamin A causes desquamation of renal epithelium which precipitates calcium and alters it and kidney stones formation occurs.

Metabolic causes

  • Hyperthyroidism increases serum calcium levels resulting in hypercalcinosis and pelvic stones.
  • Gout increases uric acid levels and causes multiple uric acid kidney stones.


  • Paraplegic patients secrete large amounts of calcium in the urine resulting in calcium oxalate kidney stones.

Inadequate urinary drainage

  • As in case of hoarse shoe kidney, unascended kidneys are more vulnerable for development of stones due to stasis.

Other causes of renal stones include

  • Less urinary citrate
  • Any injury to renal epithelium

Types of kidney stones

  • Calcium oxalate stones
  • Phosphate stones
  • Uric acid stones
  • Cystine stones
  • Xanthine and indigo stones

Symptoms of kidney stones

A kidney stone usually does not produce symptoms while it is lying silent in the kidneys. However, once it moves, it causes intense pain.

The kidney stone pain usually appears first in the back, just below the ribs. Over severe hours or days, the pain follows the stone’s course through the ureter toward the groin. Pain stops when the stone passes. The classic presentation of symptoms of kidney stones in a patient feeling intense pain in loin or renal angle or from renal angle extending towards urethra.

There may be nausea and vomiting, often with sweating. Pain is usually once-sided. If the kidney stone has reached bladder or urethra, there will be frequent urging to urinate, pain while urinating and the urine may be turbid or bloody.

  • Severe pain in the side, back, below the ribs
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Reduced urine flow or output
  • Recurring urinary tract infection
  • Guarding and rigidity of the back and abdominal muscles during attack of severe pain
  • Constant desire to urinate.
  • Painful urination along with burning sensation
  • Fever and chills when infection occurs


Mainly following investigations are important

Blood urea and creatinine – to rule out renal failure

Plain X-ray KUB – to diagnose kidney stones, 90% of the kidney stones are radio-opaque

Enlarged renal shadow can be seen.


Kidney ultrasonography is an easily performed, noninvasive, nontoxic test to determine obstructive changes such as hydronephrosis. Diagnosis of the stone and size can be made out. Exact location of the stone can be made out.


To locate the kidney stones exactly in relation to kidney and ureter and to asses renal function.

Urine culture and sensitivity

Urine culture of midstream sample may indicate UTI.

Urinalysis may be normal, or may show increased specific gravity and acid or alkaline pH suitable for different types of stone formation. Other urinalysis findings include haematuria., crystals (urate, calcium, or cystene), casts, and pyuria with or without bacteria and white blood cells.

Homeopathy treatment for kidney stones

homeopathy medicine for kidney stone treatment

Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach.

This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering.

The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat kidney stone but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several well-proved homeopathic medicines are available for kidney stone treatment that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensation and modalities of the complaints.

For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. Some important homeopathy remedies are given below for the treatment of kidney stones:

Berberis Vulgaris, Ocimum can, Lycopodium, China sulph, Sarsaparilla, Pareira B, Calcarea carb, Urtica urens, Natrum phos, Terebinthina, Belladonna, Dioscorea, Cantharis, Millefolium, Causticum and many other medicines.

Homeopathic Medicine for Kidney Stone

Argentum niricum

Pain in kidneys from congestion of kidneys or passage of calculi. Dull aching in small of back and over bladder.

Urine dark, contains blood or deposit of renal epithelium and uric acid: passed often and little at a time, in drops (Nephritic colic.)

Urine burns while passing and urethra feels swollen. Face dark: dried-up look. Argentum nit. craves sweets and sugar, which disagree. Suffers from anticipation: hurry. Flatulent dyspepsia.


Colic due to kidney stones; gravel passing in small quantities with urine; urging to urinate; bloody urine; strong smelling urine; after urination, burning in urethra, with sensation as if some were still passing; swelling of penis, with erection and urging to urinate.


Renal calculi with sharp, shooting pains. Pain comes suddenly, crampy straining along ureter, during passage of calculus. Feverish and excitable.

Irritation and clutching and spasm where in gall-stones or in renal calculi.

Belladonna is red, and hot, and dry: hypersensitive, especially to jarring. Belladonna pains come and go suddenly.

Benzoic acid

Nephritic colic with offensive urine. Urine deep-red, of strong odour:-dark brown; smells cadaverous, putrid.

Urine alternately thick like pea-soup, then clear like water. But patient feels better when urine is profuse, thick and offensive: suffers in joints-heart- when it is clear and scanty. Highly intensified urinous odour.


Very large stones. It helps to break them.

Berberis Vulgaris

BERBERIS VULGARIS homeopathic medicine for kidney stone treatmentTearing cutting pain in kidneys, extending down the ureters to the bladder or urethra, or shooting all through the pelvis and in to the hip, cutting and sticking pain in bladder and urethra.

In berberis vulgaris, kidney pain extends to test-icle of affected side, which is drawn up; urine hot, dark or bright yellow, or blood red with white, grayish, or bright red, mealy sediment or red granules or yellowish red crystals.

Bubbling sensation in the region of the kidney. Frequent urination with the sensation as if some urine is left behind. Urine may have thick mucus, and bright red, turbid, yellow or sandy.

Berberis vulgaris is an excellent homeopathic medicine for kidney stone when there are radiating pains from the kidney to bladder.

Pains shoot: radiate from a point. Cannot make the least motion: sits over to painful side for relief. Sharp, darting pains following ureter and extending down into legs. Pains run up into kidneys and down into bladder.

Formation of little calculi like pin-heads in pelvis of Kidney, start to go down to bladder, with great suffering.

Cannot  bear any jar : has to step down carefully. Urine dark, turbid, with copious sediment: slow to flow:  but constantly urging. May be associated with biliary calculi.

Calcarea carb

Useful remedy for kidney stones, especially in the period between the passage of stones (also consider Calcarea renalis); acts well when stones are composed of calcium.

Helps the person who is overweight, sluggish, chilly, and tends to form stone in other parts of the body. Acts very well in cases of kidney stones, irritable bladder, incontinence while walking; urine is dark, brown, sour, foul, or of strong odor. White urinary sediment with white milky urine, at times bloody.

Gravel: urinary calculi. In a Calcarea patient: chilly: cold sweating feet: sweating face: head sweats at night. Often fat, flabby and weak. Lethargic. Longs for eggs.


homeopathy remedy to dissolve kidney stonesRenal region sore and sensitive to touch; dull pressing pains in kidney; cutting, contracting pains in ureter, extending to bladder and urethra and down the spermatic cord, with retraction of testicles or shooting into the legs or thighs.

Frequent urging to urinate; urine passes in drops; burning and cutting pains before, during and after urination; urine scanty, dark colored; haematuria; children pull constantly at penis from irritation of gravel extending down to that organ.

One of the best homeopathic remedies during the paroxysms of renal colic. Pain and excitement found in no other remedy. Pains lancinating, cutting, stabbing like knives, shoot off in different directions. Burning pain, with intolerable urging to urinate.

Tenesmus. Sits and strains and gets no relief. “if he could only pass a few drops more urine (or a little more bloody stool) he would get relief: but no relief comes.

Intolerable urging, before, with and after urination: violent pain in bladder” (Cystitis).

Thirst, with aversion to all fluids. “The burning pain and intolerable urging to urinate point to Cantharis in all inflammatory diseases of others parts.”

Chimaphila umb.

Constant pain in region of kidneys. Fluttering sensation in kidneys. Catarrh of bladder caused by stones. Smarting pain from neck of bladder to end of urethra.

Great quantities of thick, ropy, bloody mucus in urine. Urine colour of green tea. Queer symptom: feels as if sitting on a ball. Worse damp weather: washing in cold water.

China sulph

This homeopathic medicine acts very well in cases of kidney stones when there is brick dust or straw – yellow deposits in the urine


This homeopathic medicine for kidney stone has been used for the intense pain of gravel and calculus. Relieves distress from kidney stone pain, with soreness kidney region and bloody urine. “The thirstiest plant known (diabetes).


Dull aching in kidney region. Intense pain in left ureter. Frequent, scanty urination, with burning at the end of it. Thick, ropy, mucous sediment in urine.

Ipomea nil.

This homeopathy remedy is especially useful for the passage of stone from kidney to bladder: with severe cutting in either renal region, extending down ureter. Pains excite nausea.


Stitches in kidneys, extends down through ureters. Pain in left lumbar region. Pain and tenderness left iliac region, intolerance of pressure.

Lifts clothing from abdomen. Extremely sensitive to touch: especially about throat and abdomen. Left side ailments. Worse for sleep: worse on waking: sleeps into an aggravation.

Lithium carb.

Kent’s Repertory gives Lithium carb. in black type for renal calculi. Curious symptom, “Pains in heart when urinating: when bending over.”

Heavy deposits, urine; dark, reddish brown. Soreness and sharp sticking pain right side of bladder.


homeopathy medicine lycopodium to dissolve kidney stonesLycopodium is one of the main homeopathic medicine for kidney stone. It helps in kidney stone removal when there is right renal colic, pain extending down (right) ureter to the bladder, with frequent urging to urine; urine scanty, high colored and deposits a red or yellowish red sandy sediment.

Severe backache relieved by passing urine;  rumbling and blotted feeling in abdomen; burning between scapulae; haematuria; children scream out with pain when awaking from sleep and kick all around.

Usually right-sided. In Lycopodium, kidney stone pain extends along ureter and ends in bladder: not down leg.  Back-ache, > by urination. Lithic acid in urine. Red sand in clear urine.  Can dissolve phosphate stones.

Characteristics of Lycopodium Desire for sweets and hot drinks. All symptoms < 4-8 p.m. Hunger: but fullness after a little food. Distension, must loosen clothing.

Natrum Phos

This remedy has excellent action over oxalate stones.

Nux vomica

Indicated in renal colic when one kidney, especially the right is the seat of the disease. Pains extend to genitalia and down leg, with nausea and vomiting.

Renal colic, especially when each pain shoots to the rectum and urges to stool. “Must strain to urinate: bladder is full and urine dribbles away; yet when he strains it ceases to dribble.”

“Renal colic is caused by a stone in the ureter, which by its irritation causes a spasmodic clutching of the little circular fibres of that canal; the proper medicine relaxes these fibres, and the pressure from behind forces these calculi out at once.”-Kent.

The Nux patient is hypersensitive, mentally and physically: choleric; irascible: quick and active: generally lean. Chilly.

Ocimum Can

Excellent homeopathy medicine for kidney stone removal; kidney stone especially in the right kidney with pain on the right side.

Urine smells like musk and when allowed to stand for a while, brick dust red or yellow sediments at the bottom, urine contains uric acid.

Agonizing and twisting pain, which makes the patient scream and groan. Red urine with brick dust or white sediments.

Renal colic where there is considerable haemorrhage. Urine has brick-dust sediment and considerable blood.

Pareira Brava

When stone is in the kidney for a long time, it helps in the kidney stone removal.

Very useful in irritable bladder, renal colic and prostatic affections; it has been found useful in cystitis.

The urine is black, bloody with thick mucus and there are violent pains in the thigh, sometimes the patient has to kneel to urinate, pressing head firmly against the floor, and the urine scalds terribly.

Violent pain in glans penis, itching and inflammation in the urethra and dribbling after urination.

Excessive pain in Kidneys, shoots down left ureter; urine passes drop by drop with violent tenesmus, nausea, vomiting of bile. Constant urging to urinate: pain extorts screams.

Must go down on all fours to urinate. Almost touches floor with forehead in order to be able to pass urine. With tearing, burning pains at point of penis. Copious sediment of uric acid and blood. Thick, stringy, white mucus, or red sand.


homeopathic medicine sarsaparilla to cure kidney stonesUrine dribbles away when sitting, on standing passes urine freely; passes gravel or small calculi, blood with last or urine; painful retention of urine.

Sand in urine or in diaper; has to get up several times at night to urinate; intolerable smell of genitals and of urine;  thinking of his pains causes them to return or grow worse.

Pain from the right kidney downwards. Urging to urinate before menses. There is severe pain  at the conclusion of urination. Child screams before passing the urine; kidney colic and painful urination in children. Can pass urine only when standing and dribbles when sitting.

Tenesmus: extreme pain at conclusion of urination: yells with pain or urine passes without sensation. “White sand in scanty, slimy or flaky urine, or red sand in clear urine”-Nash.

Kent says, “This medicine has many times dissolved a stone in the bladder; it so changes the character of the urine that it is no longer possible for the stone to build up, and it grows smaller by continually dissolving off from the surface.”

Curious symptom, “Urine only passes freely when standing.” Hot food and drink aggravate all the complaints; but wants heat applied externally. After the remedy has been given there is a deposit of sand in the urine, which should not be stopped.


Renal and vesical calculus. Involuntary discharge of urine after urination. Constant urging. Nightly incontinence.

Silicea is a weakling mind and body: “lacks grit.” Worse cold feet: damp feet: checked sweat. Often, offensive foot-sweat or suppressed foot sweat.


Pains down the ureter, with deathly sickness and cold sweat.

Nausea with burning heat in abdomen the rest of the body being cold.

Patient persists in uncovering the abdomen. Such sickness suggests Tabacum in renal colic.

Urtica Urens

The use of this homeopathic medicine kidney stone removal is very old. It acts as a cleaning agent of the kidneys and eliminates gravel from them. When used after expulsion of stones, prevents their recurrence. Kidney stones with thick urine.

General management

Apart from taking homeopathic medicine for kidney stone, the patient should follow some general precautions. The general measures or advises which should be given to the patient regardless of the type of stone are:

· Fluid intake should he high at all times. Fluids should be taken at bed time so that nocturia will occur. This will prevent dehydration.

· Avoidance of milk, cheese and great deal of calcium should be advised. If renal function is satisfactory, sodium cellulose phosphate 5 g T.D.S. with meals should be prescribed to reduce calcium absorption.

· Urine should be kept acid all the time. Alkalies should be prohibited or used in lesser quantities in those patients who are suffering from peptic ulcer.

· Vitamin D should be stopped or used in very low quantity.

· Patients with hyperuricemia should avoid red meats, offal and fish, which are rich in purines, and should receive treatment with allopurinol.

· Eggs, meat and fish are high in sulphur containing proteins and should be restricted in patients with cystinuria.

How effective is homeopathy in the treatment of kidney stones?

Homeopathy is very effective in treating kidney stones. Phosphate stones easily pass out as sand and most oxalate stones between size 3 mm to 8 mm come out within days with the right homeopathic medicine. The exact duration depends on the size of stone, shape of stone and location of stone.

Stones that are still lying in kidney take longer to flush, esp stones in the lower calyx take longest. Stones in the upper and middle calyx tend to come out relatively quicker. Smaller stones move out more quickly. Stones that have already come down to /are stuck at / lower vesico-ureteric junction, sometimes come out within hours, but will take a few days in most cases.

Kidney stones that are larger than 9 mm can also pass with homeopathy but need more skilled practitioners and a more precise simillimum. I have personally seen stones up to 15 mm passing out with homeopathic medicines.

Kidney Stone Cases Cured with Homeopathic Medicine

A Case of Sarcoidosis – by Rajneesh Kumar Sharma

Two ‘Intense’ Remedies – by Bonnie Carpenter

Dying from Stress: Case Report of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Treated with Homeopathy – by Timothy Fior

About the author

Dr. Manisha Bhatia

M.D. (Hom), CICH (Greece)
Dr. (Mrs) Manisha Bhatia is a leading homeopathy doctor working in Jaipur, India. She has studied with Prof. George Vithoulkas at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy. She is the Director of Asha Homeopathy Medical Center, Jaipur's leading clinic for homeopathy treatment and has been practicing since 2004.

She writes for Hpathy.com about homeopathic medicines and their therapeutic indications and homeopathy treatment in various diseases. She is also Associate Professor, HoD and PG Guide at S.K. Homeopathy Medical College. To consult her online, - visit Dr. Bhatia's website.


  • Sir
    I Satyajit Dey, suffering from kidney stone from February 2011 to till now. I am using Equisitum and Tabacum 200 for treatment from Doctor. Someone said that for relief of stones use Berberis (Germany), Sarasaparila 200. Approx. length of the stone 6 mm. I kindly request you to give advice about this matter.
    Satyajit Dey

    • Berberis Vulgaris (made in germany ) is the best medicine for Kidney Stone
      use 10 drops with water in three time per day

  • I am suffering from kidney stone past 6 years. I have undergone allopathy treatment lithotrophy for 3 sittings, but it can”t broken. Size of stone 1.5cms in right kidney & few more stones. now I am taking homeo medicine for past 6 months. The size of stone reduced to just only .01mm. whether I continue the same treament.

    • Excellent result. Which medicines are you using? Then I will be able to advise you how long you should continue the mediciens.


    • Hi Mrs Valli,
      Im also suffering with the same problem from last 03 yrs and undergone two surgeries of both the kidneys. Now again iam having 9mm stone in my right kidney. Would appreciate if you plz suggest the good doctor in homeopathy in NCR.


    • My wife is suffering from kidney stone past 1 year. I have undergone ayurvedic treatment , but it can”t broken. Size of stone 1.5cms and 4 mm in right kidney. Now someone suggested Berberis Vulgaris medicine to me.Should I start taking this medicine and what are the chances of cure. I kindly request you to give advice about this matter

      After reading your comments, I think we can use your treatment.

      So kindly let us know which Homeopathic medicine you have used, You can also give youe cell no so that I can call and talk about the medicine.

  • My wife is suffering from kidney stone past 1 year. I have undergone ayurvedic treatment , but it can”t broken. Size of stone 1.5cms and 4 mm in right kidney. Now someone suggested Berberis Vulgaris medicine to me.Should I start taking this medicine and what are the chances of cure. I kindly request you to give advice about this matter.

  • Hi, My husband has got 1 stone of size 1 mm in his right kidney. Can anybody suggest me whether we can go for ayurveda and homeopathic treatment together?

  • I suggest you to cosult with nearest Dr he will give you medicine 100%correct

  • Hello Dr,

    I am a male aged 35yrs. I have recently been detected with kidney stones. It started with a severe pain in left abdomen & pain going to the groin area. The pain remained for 36hrs intermittently to the extent even pain killing injections didnt help. After the detailed examination, Ultrasound & NCCT, KUB, two stones detected in both kidneys, 7mm in left one & 9mm in right one. The left kidney stone had moved down to the urinary tract & was causing the pain. I have been advised by the doctor to undergo a surgery as this big size stone will not be able to flush out on its own. So far i have been on medication & taking Tamsolin. Also I have started taking Homeopathy medicines (after consulting a Homeopathy doctor) Berberis Vulgaris, Cantharis & Lycopodium. So in effect i have been taking both Allopathy & Homeopathy since last 10 days & in these 10 days there have been pain once only. Also I have been taking lots of fluids. So I would to ask following questions as mentioned below:-

    (a) Is it fine to continue both the medicines like Allopathy & Homeopathy?

    (b) As there has been no pain, Does that mean the stone has flushed out through urine?

    (c) The Homeopathy medicines which I am taking are correct?

    (d) Is there any Homeopathy medicine which can instantly provide relief from the pain?

  • My brother have one stone of 1.5 mm , if we remove this stone through laser operation, than Is there chances of formation of these stone again?

  • Berberies Bulgeris Q 15-20 drops good for removing kidney stones. For pain one can take Belladona 200CH for times in a day.
    Later Canthris Q also be mixed with Berb Vul.

  • Dear sir,My wife suffere in kidney disease.Bothe kidneys has sists.Can you help me in this matter

  • Hi I got two kidney stones one of 6 mm and second is 7 mm. Doctor put a stunt in my urinary pipe becaus stones are big and it stuck in my urinary pipe and it stops my Urine by this reason doctor said it will effect your kidney.Now next month they will cut these stone by laser .Is there any treatment in homeopathy that it will dissolve in one month.reply as soon as possible.Thanks

  • i Ritesh Kumar suffering from kidney stones from last 3 month
    (multiple stones (large one is 4. 50 mm) seen in upper calyx of left kidney)
    sir i want to which treatment is good allopathic or homeopatic.

  • Hello..
    My mom is suffering from kidney stone. 7mm in one kidney & 14mm in one.she took ayurveic treatment and the 7mm stone passed away..but doctor said 14mm stone is very old and it is hard.so doctor suggested for bursting it.but my mom has gone through so many operations. She is not ready for another. We are thinking to try homeopathy… Please suggest us.

  • I have two renal culculli in my left kidney from last 1 year. I have not faced any pain in the kidney or in other parts yet. Stones measuring 9 and 18 mm. What to do for expulsion of stones.

  • Sir,
    I am suffering with the kidney stone problem from last 03 yrs and undergone one surgerie(ESW-machine strock) left side kidney (02yrs back) . Now again i am having 16mm stone in my left kidney. Would appreciate if you pls Is there any treatment in homeopathy or medicine.

  • I am suffering from kidney stones.. from 2009. in right kidney lower 4mm and in the renal 11mm size have a two stones. what i do..plz suggest me good medicine for this

  • Dr. Manisha
    This article is most informatic on diabetes health i have ever read. You have shared best home treatment suggestion for curing as well as maintaining good health so that the problem can be avoided. I have shared this information with my family and colleges so that they can also spend a healthy life. thank you for sharing you this information.

  • Thank you for taking the time to post this information. I’ve had several kidney stones over the years and last night I had unusual symptoms – feeling better when bending backwards. I googled “kidney stones” and “better bending backwards” and found Diorscorea. It was 2 am so I was fortunate to find that I had a combination remedy containing it in 3X. After 5 minutes, the pain went from a 10 to a 1. Amazing! I thought you might want to include it in your list for those of us with this unusual picture.

  • Hi, I am actually looking for the best homeopathic medicine for kidney stones. Thanks for sharing such a helpful article.

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  • you may take homoeopathic medicine for better result.homoeopathic medicine given by case taking as whole body.so you may contact the homoeopathic physician.

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