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A Case of Acute Sinusitis Treated Homeopathically

A case of sinusitis treated successfully with Natrum mur.

For about 11 years since I treated the same man for sinusitis.  The man originally searched the Swedish health care system for help, but after about three weeks he came to me.  He had a very severe sinusitis, pain also went down to his teeth, and he was very swollen on the left side; the swelling went up to his cheek and was severe.

I did a consultation as I always do, and he got his funding. We started with
Nat Mur 30-D that he would take for 7 days every morning. After a week, he called me as we had agreed on a time for this. He told me that on the way home, he had begun to sweat, he got sensations throughout the body and something was going on.

The next day was better, and he was at his work. On the 7th day he noticed a big difference in his pain; the swelling had gone down a bit, and he had more energy.
I told him that it was very important that he also became free from the pain in his teeth and when that was gone, he would be healthy. So, he had to stop taking the medicine for three days and then take more medicine until the pain in the teeth was completely gone. It took about three days.

After about three weeks, he made a return visit and the pain and swelling was completely gone and his energy was back. I gave him two doses of Nat-mur 200 for strengthening him further, and these doses were apparently so good that they lasted eleven years!

Homeopathy again shows its power in every person with different problems.

October 2012

My former client phoned and wanted to see me, as he had recently gotten back same problems similar to eleven years ago, but with much milder symptoms, this time.

I did a consultation and gave him Nat Mur 30 D, re pill every day for 7 days. He called me ten days later to report.  The same sweats occurred as originally and something was happening in his body. He even had a little pain in the teeth this time, but no swelling.  He felt better the next morning and went to work. After ten days he was perfectly fine.  I gave Nat-mur 200 D 2 doses to strengthen further and  no more appointments were needed.

He says that the homeopathic treatment is fantastic.

Analylsis:  I gave this man Nat-Mur as I saw his grief as the big picture. I also saw the goodness, kindness, which also appear in Nat-Mur. Left sided issues, closed, responsible, dignified and much affected by grief. Responsible, desire to be alone, always on time. You can see the whole picture when you meet your clients and feel the energy and see the body language.

I really love my work as a Homeopath. It so rewarding when you see how good a client gets on all levels. Therefore it is so important that we work together and spread our knowledge about the world.

With Love and light to you all from Agnar Homeopathy in Sveg Sweden

Inger Agnar-Andersson

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Inger Agnar -Andersson

Inger Agnar -Andersson - I have had my business Agnar Homeopathy for 13 years, but started studying homeopathy 18 years ago, when I tested remedies on my family. My first remedy was rhus-tox 30 which I took for much pain in my shoulders. This was the beginning of my path to becoming a good homeopath.
I just knew then that this was so right and now I love my work and have passion for what I do. I want to help others to a better life . It is amazing to be part of such a big change that homeopathic treatment produces. I'm really lucky to get to work with what I love. Visit Inger at


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