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A Case of Bipolar Disorder

Written by Julius Fernandes

Homeopath Julius Fernandes presents a case of Bipolar Disorder.

bipolar-disorder.jpgGer (not his real name) came to me on 12 August 2008. He was known to be mentally ill but what exactly was his illness I did not know at that
time.  Later I discovered that he had been suffering with Schizophrenia for the last 14 years. I took his case:

Skin rash in lower extremities

Frequent colds

He was thermally hot

Food: He likes medium spicy food and desired sweets.


Hobbies : Gardening

The thing that was troubling him were these worries and thoughts in his mind. What will people think about me? Fear of speed because of previous injuries. He feels he will be hospitalized and will take long to recover. Dreams of being healed at home. He likes watching movies of love stories, reads the bible and likes the story of Job and the Prodigal Son (a theme of forgiveness). He had an unrequited love for a girl and became worse when she rejected him. He feels useless and has thoughts of death.

I am not clear what remedy I initially gave him but I think it was Ignatia 1M, my record of his case was not proper. He reported feeling better and I saw him again on 10.11.08 and on 27.01.09 . I repeated the remedy in higher potency as he showed signs of relapse. After that he did not return for consultation until 04.11.2014 He had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder (Homeopathy Treatment for Bipolar Disorder) with Manic episodes, for which he was prescribed the following medication.

  1. Tikoprex 500 mg, 1        X       1
  2. Zipsydon 200 mg. X       X       1
  3. Lithosun 400mg. 1/2     X       1/2
  4. Olnapra 7.5 mg. X X       1

His new complaints: He had uric acid, legs were swelling in the morning, joints pain on walking. He experienced worries and anxiety. Tiredness, can’t get up in the morning. Lower back pain at midnight and he could not lie down, could not walk and was howling with pain. Right side formication on leg. Medium thirst. Likes cold season but sun aggravates. Fear of heights. He sleeps for 11 to 12 hours per night and sleeps also during the day. He is averse to spicy food, sour food and does not like sweets. He likes to eat brinjal (aubergine). Likes shell fish very much. He can’t hold anything as his hand is trembling. He had undergone shock treatment. He bathes on alternate days and when I asked why, he said that he is lazy. He can’t stand for long periods. Pain at end of urination.

At times he likes solitude and at times company. Not a tidy person. He wants to do more business and wants to become famous.   He thinks he is wealthy and is a big person. Delusion voices control him and he listens to these voices. Generous and gives away objects from his house. Suicidal tendencies.

Rubrics taken were:

Mind phenomena – Delusions, imaginations – voices hears

Mind Delusion hearing illusions of

MIND – DELUSIONS – voices – hearing – follow, that he must

Sleep dreaming awake while

Sleep dreaming closing eyes on

Blood phenomena Uric acid

Mind anxiety

Mind Manic depression

Mind Fear general phobias – heights high places

Mind Phenomena suicidal disposition

Mind Phenomena ambition much ambition fame for

General food and Drink sour food, averse

Mind laziness

Back aching pain lumbar

Mind – Phenomena – Delusions, imaginations – wealth, of

Mind – Phenomena – Generous, too

Extremities – Phenomena – Swelling – general – joints.


Eliminating rubrics taken were:


Mind Delusion hearing illusions of

Mind Fear general phobias – heights high places

Mind laziness



This gave me a choice of 3 remedies, Sulph, Calc, and Pulsatilla Two hot remedies are Sulph and Pulsatilla I chose Sulphur as he had a liking for Brinjal and aversion to standing and bathing, and he was not particular about cleanliness.


On 4.04.14 Sulphur 200C one dose was given

After giving the remedy, he started feeling improvements in 3-4 days.

On 18.11.14 The bad thoughts are not coming to him and he feels he is 20% improved. His worries are gone completely. His trembling in hands has reduced. Sleep is also better.

2.12.14 – He came well dressed and was looking better. Hands much steadier and had swelling of his feet for which he took Ibrufein tablets with some relief. On his monthly visit to the psychiatrist, the doctor felt he had improved and so reduced his allopathic medication. I wanted him to stop all allopathic medications but family members would not permit him to do so.

16.12.14 – Was feeling ok and continued with the daily dose of placebos.

We see the remedy is correct so now the case has to be managed by giving Sulphur when and as required by the patient.


At present he is still being treated by me and on 10.03.20015 I repeated
Sul 200C as he was showing signs of mental disturbance.
On 14.04.15 he visted me and said that his doctor has reduced Olnapra
from 7.5 mg to 5 mg. He continues to take daily doses of
placebos.  His pressure is 134/80 and weight is 77 Kg.  whereas on
2/12/14 it was 134/84 and weight was 80 Kg. He called me on
27.05.15 saying that he is running out of his daily sac lac pills and he is
scheduled to see me on 09.05.2015. He reported that he is fine.

Update : On 09.05.15 he informed me that he was allergic to prawns and meat. He used to get uric acid, swelling of the feet and sensitivity of the soles. He said that now he is cured of that allergy and happy about it. He said that he had been on the medicine Zipsydon but has been able to do without it.

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Julius Fernandes

Julius Fernandes: I am a science undergraduate student. I retired at 45 and developed a passion for Homeopathy in early 2000. I enrolled in Naturopathy and Homeopathy courses conducted by Fr Britto, a Jesuit priest. I learnt the basics of homeopathy, studying Kent’s Repertory, H A Roberts and the Organon. I’ve read Dr Prafull Vijayakar’s books and all of Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s books. My aim is to provide homeopathy to people who cannot afford expensive medical treatments.


  • For the fifth time I was working one month in Malawi, Africa in the middle of nowhere at Just doing basic homeopathy, aphor. 153 and using the Repertory. This is real basic homeopathy. I saw 1,200 patients and I recorderd 400 complete files and put them in PowerPoints. Very interesting for studygroups and schools of homeopathy. Sorry to say, but also vaccination is a way of developmental help and now I see the terrible results of this assault. Lucky for the Malawians because homeopathy is so cheap. When you want to study the repertory, then look for ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ and let practice make you perfect.

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