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A Case of Dysphagia


Dr Hemant shares a case of difficulty in swallowing  food (since 1-2 years) first morsel is difficult to pass, solved with 8 box method.








•       POST VOID 60 ml URINE

Presenting complaints

•       Difficulty in swallowing  food (since 1-2 years) first morsel is difficult to pass

•       It happens when I eat the first morsel, have to bear I have to wait… after food passes there would be no problem from next morsel

•       Aching type of pain constantly in the lest side of the abdomen (pointed towards left lumbar) agg in the morning

•       Stomach is full even after 5-6 hrs of taking food, bloating and no hunger

•       Tea agg symptoms

•       Constipation

•       Belching

•       H/o Running nose … very often … when I used to go for Dharwad/ Banglore, it used to get congested. Though its raining now… I have no complaints

•       Disturbed sleep


•       Trying to climb a hill

•       Crossing a river

•       Conducting a big exam

•       So many problems – trying to solve

•       During this – that and all… I wake up – it’s not possible

In what way (disease) it affected you

•       I felt weak – uneasy

•       I felt empty

•       Felt as if I was having ulcer – panic – something was going wrong

D: Panic about what?

•       Don’t know – Ulcer or cancer

•       Worried that if anything was wrong

•       Particularly – during pandemic

What happened during pandemic, that affected you?

Guide for what ?

Little more info please

•       Desires : sweets and sour food

•       Aversion : spicy food

•       Thermal – cold desires – too much cold cannot tolerate

•       Thirst – not feeling thirsty these days

8 box method of analyzing


Let us Understand Kali carb

•       The chief feeling of Kali carbonicum

•       Vital fear and reactivity (Carbon) that is seen when a person lacks the support of a family or group (Kali)

•       The main symptom of Kali carbonicum is the fear of being alone and the desire for company.

•       Their dependence on the group or family is so great that her entire life revolves around their family – health of family members, integrity of the family, amount of support they get from the family, etc. They seek to belong to a group/family so that they are never alone.




Kali carb 200 was prescribed

Follow-up (march 2023)

•        Patient was advised to repeat the remedy 2-3 times from the starting of the treatment

•        Patient is well… But still patient has slight discomfort while swallowing the First morsel …

•        Constipation and acidity reduced …

•        “I think I had habit and excessive eating and now I have reduced it… Yet there is no change in my energy levels”

•        All the general parameters are normal.


Sac lac – 1nmonth

Follow-up (29 April 2023)

•        The frequency of the difficulty in swallowing reduced (earlier he had difficulty for every meal he had)

•        constipation from few days

•        Intense itching over whole body – scratches till it becomes red and raw

•        Rest everything is good


Kali carb 0/6

Sac lac

About the author

Hemanth Koratamaddi

Dr. Hemanth Koratamaddi is a young homoeopath from India who is currently pursuing MD in Department of Organon and interested to explore and further understand homoeopathy. Hemanth is under the mentorship of Dr Sreekanth Rao Kulkarni and Dr Shekhar Algundgi since his 2nd year of BHMS which he says is helping him immensely to understand homoeopathy.


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