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A Case of Platina

Written by Jawahar Shah

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Patient and Presenting Complaint

A well-known artist, female, suffering from backache, cold, sinusitis etc.

All her paintings had mainly two themes

  • Somebody looking out of the window, holding on to the grill bars
  • Nude male and females

Male figures were very small as compared to female figures, but their genitals were very large.

Sometimes they were depicted larger than the entire male figure.

She was locked in a room during childhood when her mother went to work. May be her paintings with subjects looking out of window reflected her suppression of emotions during childhood.

Painting of nude males smaller then females reflects perversion, egotism and superiority feeling. The interview also confirmed that she was sexually very active.

This reflects her Delusion – imagination smaller : All persons are mentally and physically inferior.

A very strong Tubercular miasmatic expression with high sensitivity and susceptibility in the patient can bring forth such altered perceptions and perversions.

Tuberculinum 1M 1 dose was given as an opening prescription to address the underlying miasm.

Later a dose of Platina 200CH which relieved her of the troubles including backache and sinusitis. She remains healthy till date.

Platina – a study

Condensed Materia Medica by Hering C.


Pride and overestimation of oneself; looking down with haughtiness on others.

Disturbed state of mind, also religious, with taciturnity, haughtiness, voluptuousness and cruelty.

Mania, with great pride; fault-finding; unchaste talk; trembling and clonic spasms; caused by fright or anger

They have a great desire to strip and see others stripping.

They streak naked across the sports fields or on beaches.

They enjoy such entertainment or films and their humor is usually related with sex or sexual matters.

Tips on Tubercular Personalities

They are very cosmopolitan,

They like socializing & have many friends

Their eyes have a special attraction in them

As stage artists they perform emotional roles and can very easily make the audience cry

They choose bright and vibrant colors

In their work you will see variety, diversity and creativity, but they will not show consistency in their performance.

They get exhausted and bored very easily

These peoples’ main aim is to enjoy & to show off

They spend a lot at parties and in socializing

They are the people who desire a lot but they have little capacity to enjoy

They feel weak and get tired very easily

They create music like Rock, Jazz or pop with a lot of variance in sound

They dance to these tunes, but they also get exhausted very easily

As businessmen, they are terribly inconsistent, impractical and guided by whims and fancies

As photographers, they will be more involved in movements, adventure and nudity

They want to be magnetized and like to impress others

They set different values of life

They may indulge in drug trafficking, bootlegging and prostitution

They are people who are connected with show business

As scientists, they are the ones who are busy inventing something for pleasure and entertainment

The sportsman using drugs to win is in the tubercular phase

In this phase their performance level varies and at times they will give the performance of a lifetime but sometimes they fail to perform.

Tubercular people may be sexually very active and even have masturbatory or homosexual indulgences.

High Desire for the 3 W’s – Wine, Women and wealth.

Most of the explorers and globe trotters are tubercular.

They are very hopeful and optimistic.

Even in the worst of circumstances, they believe everything will be alright.

Kids like tales of traveling, of unusual performances, adventures etc.

Children in this phase talk about robbery, mischief, etc.

Young children may have a tendency to masturbate.

Most of the infections are covered under the tubercular phase.

Some Notes

Many times I have based my prescriptions on the patients’ writings, letters, views, paintings, Sculpture or poetry. These give very good clues to the mental state of the patient. If I had not seen her paintings, it would have been difficult to choose Platina in this case.

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