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Infertility and Evidence Based Homeopathy

Written by Nikunj Trivedi

Dr. Nikunj M. Trivedi successfully treats a young couple who were unable to conceive due to multiple problems of both partners.

A young couple visited my clinic in India, having a complaint of no issue after a married life of six years. They had tried many treatment options to start a family, seeking help in the UK and elsewhere.


Mr. K P.

He was a well built, handsome, enthusiastic young man with a very apprehensive mood who did everything in haste – a “hurried and worried” nature and character. He narrated to me that his wife had a PCOD (Poly cystic ovarian disease) and for that she is taking Allopathic treatment; (Clomiphene Citrate, 50 mg) for a pretty long time. As a result of PCOD, her periods were irregular. She developed severe abdominal cramps with a bloated feeling and was progressively gaining weight. Also, she had developed unwanted facial hair.

He was much worried about all these complaints of his wife and as a result he also developed erectile dysfunction, which gradually resulted in severe oligo–spermia. He had a strong liking towards jewellery, diamonds, gold, white gold. He was fond of eating sweets and craves them more during times of tension.



Semen Report:

TSC – 8.9 million/ cu mm

Volume – 3.0 ml

Fructose – +ve

Tab: ACRO-3X – 2TDS x 1 week


Liq: AGNUS CASTUS –Q 10 Drops Morning – with water


Semen Report

TSC – 49.6 million / ml

Actively motile – 55%

Sluggishly – 20%

Non – motile – 25%


Mrs. M. P.

A young obese lady with puffiness of face and feet having complaints of –

  • Irregular menses – no certainty when it will come

  • Dysmenorrhoea – abdominal cramps

  • Nausea like sensation prior to periods

  • Missed periods of 4 to 6 months

  • Heaviness in the head

  • Breasts : very much painful

  • Can’t bear the touch of inner clothes

  • Dyspareunia (Painful Intercourse ) – so avoiding intercourse

  • Sluggishness in all her activities

  • Having warts around her neck region – very small and scattered

  • Very calm, quiet, answering in monosyllables

  • Wants to be alone, aversion to company

  • Strongly ‘longing for an heir’ – jealous of a lady having a baby

After a quick evaluation, I suggested she get an ultrasound, i.e. sonography. As she didn’t remember her LMP, we went to a radiologist – Dr. Jayesh Bhatt. After doing a pelvic sonography=USG, it was found that –

  • There were small multiple follicles in both the ovaries

  • Endometrium was very thin – 4.0 mm

  • Uterus was in normal shape, size and position

Blood tests were carried out to rule out hypothyroidism.

I had also advised ‘TORCH’ and ‘Female fertility Profile’.

While waiting for the Blood test reports to come,

I administered ‘Nux-Vomica – 200’ – two doses for five days to both the partners.

Uterus: Anteverted, size, 6.8 x 5.1 x 3.85 cm

Normal echo texture of endometrium,

No space occupying lesion ( SOL ) seen

Ovaries: Normal in size, shape and structure.

Investigation plan for TORCH* test


Date of Test

Test Result


Rubella Ig-G (84.28)


Cytomegalo Virus Ig-G (10.58)

After 5 days, I called the couple again for a detailed history taking to find a suitable remedy after evaluating the totality for their problems.



Rubrics for MR .K P.


  • Nervous about complaints –ArgentumNitricum

  • Mind – fearful, nervous – melancholic, despondent, low- spirited, gloomy, apprehensive – Argentum nitricum

  • Hurried worried ; want of balance everywhere,

  • impulsive – Argentum nitricum

  • Craving – great desire for sweets which aggravates, but more powerful craving when tense. – Argentum nitricum

  • Apprehension – does too many things at a time, thinks too many things at a time, apprehensive about others – Argentum nitricum

  • Male sex: (mind impulsive: wants to do everything in hurry), impotence

  • Erection fails when attempted—ArgentumNitricum

  • Desire wanting—ArgentumNitricum

  • Becomes apprehensive prior to penetration and hence fails – Argentum nitricum

  • Mind: apprehensive of serious diseases—ArgentumNitricum

  • Mind : time passes too slowly (on infertility part)—ArgentumNitricum

  • Mind: Fears and anxiety—ArgentumNitricum

  • Modalities:

  • Aggravates from sweets but also he craves sweets.

(As he is gaining weight)

Argentum nitricum – 1 M

1dose morning and evening every week for 6 weeks.


Rubrics selected for Mrs. M P.

From Boericke Repertory

Constitution: obese, puffy, oedematous





Aversion to company, wants to be alone



Head: Heaviness on the head


Dyspareunia due to burning

Menses suppressed with head symptoms



Ovaries: Hard, sense of tightness



Swelling on the face and feet

Breasts: can’t bear the touch of clothes

Abdomen: great tenderness over abdomen and uterine region

Medicine prescribed – Apis mel – 200

While considering the above rubrics, I prescribed Apis mel -200 for her.

Two doses per week for 6 weeks.

After 6 weeks, the couple updated me about the drastic improvement in their conditions.

Mrs. P. had regular periods, no dyspareunia and a remarkable reduction in the swelling.

Mr. K. P. had an improvement in his sexual performance. Now he was hopeful that he would definitely get positive results. After 6 months, I was informed about Mrs. M.P’s pregnancy. I was overwhelmed! One more success story! The patients are in the UK and now their baby was my patient for Asthma. She is totally symptom free for the last year.




From its use historically and currently, it is seen that silver has anti-Inflammatory properties and well as antiseptic, anti-bacterial, preservative, restorative, anti-fungal and healing properties.

Argentum Nitricum removed the inflammatory reaction of the testes and restored the disrupted vital force, which repaired the deranged pathology, thus restoring normal spermatogenesis. The problem of Oligo-spermia was corrected and normal sperm count restored.



The sting of bees, wasps ,fire ants and some other insects contain:

1.Phospholipase A2






  • After bee sting….

  • Body quickly over reacts with Histamine secretion

  • Bee sting triggers the release of Histamine from mast cells.

  • Histamine is usually found in higher concentration in skin, lungs and gastric Mucosa.

  • Histamine is a potent arterial dilator leading to hypotension.

  • In the lungs, it causes bronchial constriction leading to spasm, dyspnoea, wheezing and respiratory collapse.

Phospholipase A2……

It’s a membrane protein, which hydrolyzes


Phospholipids…to form….


Fatty Acids and lysophospholipid products.


Phospholipase A2 proteins are responsible for the release of…

ARCHIDONIC Acid from cell membrane.

Subsequent conversion of this Fatty Acid to….

Leukotrienes and Prostaglandin is a part of the inflammatory response.

Leading to inflammatory cyst formation.

On the basis of the Law of Similars—Similia Similibus Curentur

APIS MELLIFICA works to remove the cysts from the ovaries.


About the author

Nikunj Trivedi

Dr. Nikunj M Trivedi was born in India - Gujarat and presently lives in England. He graduated Homeopathy with First Rank in University with D.H.M.S (Gold Medallist) and PG-Hom at HCH London.UK. He was honoured as a Fellow by HMA UK and Fellow of British Institute of Homeopathy.
Dr. Trivedi has practiced homeopathy since 1980 with a full-fledged homeopathic hospital in India till 2004. He was affiliated with various Homeopathic College in Gujarat India. With his vast clinical experience in gynaecology and obstetrics, he treats male and female fertility, problems. He invented a technique to open a blocked fallopian tube with intra-uterine use of homeopathic remedies. He also used potentised L-arginine to correct sperm abnormalities. He works on oxidative stress in semen, an underlying cause of sperm DNA damage. He also worked on eosinophilia, considering the real obstacles to cure in many clinical conditions. Dr. Trivedi migrated to the UK in 2004 and established a clinical practice in Leicester. Presently he serves as Chairman- UK HMA. His publications related to Infertility are:
1. Repertory of Infertility.
2. Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders
3. Sperm Disorders and Homeopathy.
4. Mind at Menopause.


  • Dear Dr. Nikunj, all the best compliments to you for successful treatment. One thing I wanted to know that is there any specific Homoeopathic remedy or Q by which pathologicvally or clinically proved for corrections of immotile sperms, please if there is any, I wanted to know as a same professionalist. I am waiting your reply.

  • very interesting topic sir ,thank you.
    i have a brother with 25 yrs,married,he had azoospermia,urologist said that he had agenesis of this case what we can do sir?which investigations have to do?please help me.

  • Impressive
    Doc. Would you explain canthris on female part….
    According to me it helps to increase the sense of sex

  • Impressive
    Doc. Would you explain canthris on female part….
    According to me it helps to increase the sense of intercourse

  • Dear Nikhil,

    I am wondering what a dose of argentum nitricum 1M daily would have done to the patient. Cure is not to increase the count of the life givers. Cure is to improve the person on all grounds. The remedy was given in a proving fashion and looks like existing disease was suppressed and a new one was created(Arg Nit). I think you should follow up and see what else might have popped up with the male patient. Homeopathy is not to cure one single symptom(lack of life givers). Totality of symptoms should have been taken into consideration and right dose(s) should be used. I hope the patient has not come back with a lot of flatulence, suffocation and other prominent ArgNit symptoms……

  • First of all my hearty congratulations on your success. While coming to the case, only the single remedy Apismel cured all her symptoms is really amazing and surprising one also. When comes to male part !M potency for 6 weeks x twice a day a week., almost 24 doses. How it is possible to such long extent in such high potency? Any how thanks for your sharing and proving.

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