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A Case of Facial Tics

Written by Sohani Gonzalez

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Case :

12 year old boy with serious facial tics of his eyes and mouth brought in by his mother who was at her wits end after seeing specialist paediatricians locally in Sussex and London. They were unable to offer any sensible assistance and told her he would “grow out of it”. The tics included screwing up his eyes and regularly opening his mouth wide and nodding his head.

At the local hospital he had an EEG and Scan, both of which came out normal. All this facial activity made him tired. It had started two summers ago when he looked like he was ‘ fitting’ and he was hospitalised. The family had moved around from France to Sussex with plans to emigrate to Canada. The tics had all developed in the UK and I got the feeling he preferred living in France, where he had lived for eight years.

He was a handsome boy (phosphoric looking ) and seemed very sensitive. His mum repeated “what a fantastic boy he was, caring for others and for animals, and very artistic.” He was sensitive to everything. I asked him about his sleep which he had problems with. “I keep having thoughts like, what happens after death and how big is the universe, and such.” was his reply. He needed to sleep with the light on and often needed parents to sleep with him, even though he had a younger brother. He disliked all horror on TV and only wanted to watch nice things, cartoons etc. He was a very warm child and preferred to be cool. When very young he had suffered from severe itchy eczema in the usual hollow places, where he scratched until it bled. He was taken off dairy and taken to a healer. The eczema would heal on coming to the UK and flare up in France (maybe the reverse of the tics?) but it did seem better in the damp cold . He loved sports and had very good energy. He loved to run and jump. I felt he was an immature but gentle boy.

Rubrics chosen:
Face ~ twitching, facial
Head ~Motions of the head
Head ~ Motions of the head~nodding of
Mouth ~ OPEN, mouth -flies open suddenly
Mind ~ GRIEF, ailments from
Eyes ~ Twitching, paroxysms
Sleep ~ INSOMNIA, sleeplessness, thoughts from
Mind ~ Worries full of
Mind~ Fear, general phobias ~ airplanes
Mind~ Fear , general, phobias ~ night~ children, in

Remedy : Calc Carb 30 x 3

One month later :

Head nodding almost gone .
He felt less pressure in his eyes.
Sleep was better but still had light on. Less worried.
Mum said “He told me today he feels more confident ”

Still can be awkward and clumsy ~ bumps into things a lot. Also had chilblains, which were often red and itchy. He was much less anxious if left alone in a room and would go into rooms alone which apparently he wouldn’t before.  Some of these symptoms I had never been told before!

I repeated the Calc Carb 30 x 3

One month later :

All head-nodding and facial tics gone.
Much better and chilblains all cleared up.
Sleep is really good. Dreams are no longer frightening.
The school is really pleased with him. He’s almost top of the class.
All skin clear now.
Now okay with the winter cold too, whereas was asking for a hot water bottle a lot before.
Energy good.

I think the GP was amazed at this improvement.

In addition I had also removed from his diet wheat and dairy, suggesting they be slowly re-introduced at a later date to gauge his reaction?

No remedy.

The family never came back, but his Mum sent a testimonial which I will post on my website.


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