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A Case of Anxiety Neurosis and Diabetes

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S. Arul Manickam presents a case of Anxiety Neurosis and Diabetes.

A female patient of 45 years came with complaints of eruption on the big toe and diabetics since 6 months. She has been taking psychiatric meds since 1994 and anti-diabetics for the last six months. Ten years before she had a problem of conception. She had intense episodes of anger and would throw things at that time. She underwent psychiatric treatment and nobody knew about her problem. She thought that others should not know about her condition, so she tried to hide her complaints.

Basic nature—

This is a silent patient, a bold lady who wants to strictly follow the Islamic rules and regulations. She had a fear that something will happen. She fears  she is going to lose something or have some failure. She’s very anxious about her mother’s health.  She adjusts to family circumstances. She wants respect and dignity, and dignity is very important to her. She wants others to respect her. She believes others should not talk in an undignified manner and she is very sensitive to humiliation.  She gets angry if someone doesn’t give a proper value to Islamic principles.  She believes in life after death and says that Islam instructs that if you strictly follow the principle of Islam you should avoid the suffering of the next life and it will be peaceful.

Whenever she is traveling she has a thought that some accident will happen. So she is very careful while travelling on the bike and has anxiety that something will happen.  She always has anxiety before travelling.

Major affecting incidences—

In 1994 her sister had a psychiatric problem, that affected her mind.

D:      Tell me little bit more—

P:      My sister had a psychiatric problem; that time I also have some psychiatric trouble with silent treatments. I never told about that incident and the treatments to even a single person; it is a prestige problem for my family. We never told of the problem even to my father because I suspect that he may reveal to somebody so we hid the incident from him.

D:      What is the feeling in this incident?

P:      If somebody has a psychiatric problem then nobody is going to respect that person; everybody is going to humiliate her and called her as mad.

D:      What is your experience?

P:      I felt despised.

D:      Describe it more

P:      I felt insulted, nobody is going to respect those who are mad. I feel offended profoundly.  I am very sensitive to humiliation. From that situation onward I strictly am taking psychiatric medicine because if I discontinue the medicine it will lead to same problem of madness which my sister suffered from a lot. But doctor gave a prescription for 1 month only I think that’s why we want to take the risk. So I continued the psychiatric medicine (fluanxyl-0.5/night /daily) till now.

P:      Doctor you don’t reveal about my complaint to anybody because it is a prestigious issue.


Hot patient, thirstless, desire sweets, <dhal (Indian lentil curry)

Past history

1997—hystectomy due to uterine cyst

Family history—

Mother had a uterine carcinoma


Kingdom approach

Emotionally sensitive, hurt easily: Plant kingdom

Insulted sensation (morbidly sensitive): Rananculaceae

Miasm: Sycotic miasm

  • Hiding her psychiatric problem
  • Anticipatory anxiety: fear something will happen, anticipating the accident.
  • Cautious to take psychiatric drugs; cautious to going outside. Cautious to follow the religious principles.
  • Religious fanaticism
  • History of uterine cyst
  • Family history of uterine cancer

Rananculaceae family——— sycotic miasm. ————– Pulsatilla (through Sankaran schema) is selected.

Totality of symptom

Hot patient, thirstless, desires sweets;  silent, patience,

Adjustable, Anticipatory anxiety, Cautious—all the symptoms are indicating the same remedy which is also derived by using Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s sensation method.


Advised to take the fluanxyl-0.5 if any anxiety and fear, sleeplessness intensifies. Advised to stop the antidiabetic tablets. Glucose-Post Prandial—195mg/dl with antidiabetic measures

Rx   Pulsatilla 1m/ 1 Dose


Glucose –pp—120 mg/dl,

Even though she never used fluanxyl-0.5 she felt better mentally. Anxiety reduced. Pain in big toe reduced. Cracks, scaling better.

Rx  SL


Sleep is better

Anticipatory Anxiety better

Scaly eruption in big toe almost better

Rx: SL


Anxiety better, big toe color changed – healed

Rx: SL


Her mother died and she became emotional, was ill and the incident affected her a lot, and she had a headache and anxiety; sleeplessness for 3 days.

Rx   Puls 1m/1d, and SL


Phone conversation —Anxiety, sleep better, headache reduced.



Sleep-normal, anxiety-better, scaly eruption in big toe completely healed.

Till now she has left the fluanxyl-0.5 and anti diabetic measures. She is being well mentally and physically.


Sleep, anxiety-better, mild headache on and off

Rx: SL


Fever-100 degrees, headache, heaviness of head, sneezing, running nose, cough,-2 days, sleep disturbed due to her cold attack and mild anxiety about family matters.

Rx:  1.30pm  Pulsatilla 1m/1pill—dissolved in 100 ml water–advised to take 2 spoons 1 time with vigorous stirring


5.30 pm–headache, heaviness better, sneezing, running nose -reduced, frequency of cough reduced, and fever-remains

By phone — advised to stop the water dose, take the SL.


Over phone- No headache, mild heaviness, sneezing, cough-markedly reduced. Fever-mild, sleep-better


Advanced methods in homoeopathy like the sensation method are not contradictory to the classical method, as they always meet at a common point. If we confirm the remedy using various methods we can be more sure and confident about coming to the exact simillimum.

Edited by – Dr. Rina Dedhiya

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Dr.S. Arul Manickam

Dr. S. Arulmanickam BHMS, DFN, DGC. Homoeopathic consultant, Velumathi Homoeo Clinic, Police street, marakadai, lakshmangudi, Tiruvarur DT, pin 614102, TN, Cell 9843134564. He graduated with degrees in homeopathy, food and nutrition and guidance and counselling. He practices according to the true classical principles and methods of Hahnemann.

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