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Multiple Warts in a Man of 45

Multiple Warts in a Man of 45

Dr. Chanda Shah presents a case of multiple warts in which Baryta carb and Sulphur each covered part of the symptoms, which included hypertension, aversion to responsibility, ailments from death of parents and want of confidence.

A 45 year old male presented with multiple contagious warts around his neck since7 months. He didn’t get any relief with allopathic medicine and was advised to get laser treatment. He had baldness over the vertex area of the head since the age of 21. He also had hypertension the last 4 years, starting after his father died.

He said: “My father was doing all, I was safe and secure. After father died, responsibility has increased. All is on me, office, house, shopping, investments etc. When dad was alive, I had no responsibility, I would just go tothe office and enjoy my life. I had no financial problems. Father never spent my money.He invested it and there was no tension.”

“I was average student as I was very thin and sickly till age of 15. My siblings were brilliant. I wanted to do CA (degree as Chartered Accountant) but couldn’t clear. So, I did M Com (Masters in Commerce). I’m now working as an accountant in an educational institute. Still I want to do CA as they earn a lot of money. But I lack determination. My work is more compared to my office CA, but she is paid more. He said all trustees and principals of the college where he works, listen to him. There is a lot of office pressure, as trustees call and tell me, “You were there, why did this this happen? They have more trust in me, but I can’t take all the responsibility on my head. I handle tax scrutiny in my college. In front of Income Tax commissioner I’m very systematic, I have no fear, I’m very confident. In other work I’m lacking, as I never did it; my father was doing.”

“In office they have recruited 2-3 professionals above me. I have my own status, they have their own position. I don’t have position even though I do everything. They earn double as they have CA degree. Colleagues ask me why I’m not promoted. Anything important, they call me, I’m not ignored. I feel if I ask for promotion, and if they say, you deserve this much only, then I will feel insulted. If you have designation, people know you, respect you. Others haven’t proved that they are good. Whereas I have proved myself. I recovered 1 crore Rs for my institute. Whenever I call the trustees of the institution, they answer my call and listen to me. Only I can sit in committee. They acknowledge me, but I’m neglected, they don’t give me promotion.”

“I avoidweddings, as all ask about my skin condition. If I go, I eat only dal and rice there, as it is tried and tested. God knows how other food will taste.
People say I’m boring as I’m not fond of going out. I don’t know how to enjoy, I don’t talk much, I don’t dance. My wife and kids are not happy with me as I don’t have confidence to plan a holiday. “

“These warts affect my personality, I feel down, they affect my confidence level. All are clean, was I careless?I’m not looking good as compared to others, I can’t mix easily, I keep quiet in company. I’m scared of rides, I have fear of doing new things. I can’t do presentations. When I eat warm and spicy food, perspiration drips from my head which embarrasses me.”


This patient was very shy and wasn’t open about discussing himself. I got the complete history over a period of 5 months. Initially I gave him Siliceaandthen Lycopodium, which didn’t help him. Then I understood his problem. I took the rubrics:


Confidence want of self

Timidity, bashful



Importance feels his

Responsibility aversion to

Ailments from death, parents or friends of

Alopecia vertex

Perspiration, profuse

Fear undertaking anything enterprise, a new

Perspiration, eating after warm food

Desires work routine

Anxiety others, for losing their protectors or familiar relations.

I arrived at Baryta carb, but a few things didn’t fit.  He wanted a status or position at his office. He was jealous as others were paid more. He said, “All trustees listen to me, I am not ignored, only I can sit in committee”, which points to egotism, hence the rubric, “Importance, feels his”. Also he felt all are “clean”. He feels “down” because of the warts. All this confirms a Sulphur component. Therefore, I gave Baryta sulph 200 twice a day for 2 days. Within one month all the warts fell off! This was more than a year back and there is no recurrence as of today.


Before                                                        After

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Chanda Shah

Dr Chanda Shah has done L.C.E.H from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College, Mumbai, India in 1985. In 2004, she did a Certificate course in Food and Nutrition from Sophia College in Mumbai. Thereafter she was teaching “Basics in Human Physiology” at Sophia College for five years. Later in 2006, she did her M.D. in Homoeopathy. She has her private practice near Grant road (west) in Mumbai.

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