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A Case of Migraine

Written by Dagmar Scholz

Homeopath Dagmar Scholz treats chronic migraine in a 5 yr old boy. Suppression was the key to the case.

Headache_ChildA father and his five year old son came into my practice. The father is a strong man and looked like a farmer. His fair haired son had blue eyes and was very lean. The son looked at me and disappeared in a corner where he sat under the practice couch. He refused to say “hello” to me and looked very angry at me.

The father sat down and told me about the problem: “My wife and I think that our son suffers from migraine since two years because he is sick very often. The migraine gets worse. The doctors can’t find anything. If the boy feels sick he wants to be in a dark room, wants to lie down, does not want to move and loves to watch TV then. We are not allowed to touch him and suddenly he starts to vomit.”

In general:

“He loves all sorts of fruits. He drinks milk but he is picky with food. He had chicken pox some years ago and when he was younger he had a lot of inflammations of the middle ear. Two years ago polypi were operated. He did not show any reaction to vaccinations. As a baby he suffered from atopic eczema which disappeared after using some cream”.

During the examination the boy is scared. His palms were dry. His father said that his son dislikes being comforted even if he has hurt himself. He does not perspire. He only had fever when four molars broke through. Since two years the constipation is gone. He has had warts on the hands which were removed. His congenital phimosis was operated on at the age of three. He is too skinny for his age. He loves snow and dislikes the sun. If the sun shines he prefers to be in the house. He does not eat breakfast regularly. He hates to get his hair washed and he dislikes having water on his head. He cries if is he is offended and cries if he cannot have his way. He is very shy and would like to hide himself. His moods change all the time. He can concentrate very well and likes to play alone. He is shy in front of other children.

First appointment 09/02/2006

Thuj Sil Staph Phos Sep
Total 14 11 9 8 8
Rubrics 6 4 4 5 5
General: sycosis 4 2 3 1 3
Skin: warts suppressed 2 1
General: vaccination, after 4 4 1 1
General: polyps 2 2 3 1 1
Skin: dryness, unable to perspire 1 3 2 1 1
Fear: general, afraid of the doc. Does not want to look at the doc. 1 2 2


History of the family:

Mother : All kinds of childhood diseases except scarlet fever (Homeopathy Treatment for Scarlet Fever) and mumps. Tonsils were operated on when she was 13 years old. Four pregnancies. Suffers from diabetes type 1 since 2 years.

Mothers family: There is a lot of cancer in the family. The uncle died of cancer.

Father: Appendectomy, scarlet fever, measles.

Fathers family: Grandfather Asthma. Grandmother rheumatism.

I could have taken more symptoms into that repertorisation but as there was a lot of suppression in this case, I wanted to start with remedies like Calcarea carbonica etc. I thought that the child was in a deep sycotic condition: Suppression of warts, suppression of eczema, suppression of polyps, suppression of phimosis, no reaction to vaccinations and the inability to perspire. Therefore I prescribed Thuja C 30 one dose. Silicea was an option too but due to the suppression of the warts I decided to prescribe Thuja. I instructed the father to contact me after a month and in case of any problems to call me.

20/10/2006 The father came again to my practice and told me that since the Thuja the boy never had any migraine but would suffer for some days from a cough. During his stay in my practice the boy did not cough once. The only person who coughed without interruption was his father. Then the father admitted that the whole family has a cough but not his son. I prescribed Drosera D 3 in the practise according to the symptoms and the father rang me up some days later to tell me that the cough was gone. Sadly the family never contacted me again as I think that this child would have needed more than only one homeopathic remedy.

About the author

Dagmar Scholz

Dagmar Scholz is a qualified Heilpraktikerin and has studied Homoeopathy for four years at the Clemens von Boenninghausen Society for Homoeopathy in Wolfsburg, Germany and has joined their managing committee. In 2004 she opened her practice in Twistringen, Germany. She translated Boericke’s Pocket Manual of Homoeopathic Materia Medica and worked as a translator for Prof. Georges Vithoulkas. She is a member of the German Red Cross and a qualified First Aid teacher.


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