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A Case of Neurodermatitis Cured with Natrium Carbonicum

Written by Heike Dahl

This is the case of a 1.6 year old girl who suffered from neurodermatitis, which was successfully treated with the homeopathic remedy Natrium carbonicum.

The parents consulted me due to a skin eruption from which the girl had suffered for about one year. The mother told me that Irina’s cheeks were already rough and dry when she was four months old, but it hadn’t been that bad at the time. However, six month later, a spot with the size of a fingertip appeared on the throat which did not disappear. First, the parents thought this was possibly coming from the cap. But the spots remained even when cortisone was used later. The eruptions got worse, more and more spots appeared, especially on the throat and around the throat, where the collar of the sweater is. Currently, cream is put on the skin three to four times a day. Several neurodermatitis creams have been tried as well as zinc, cortisone, urea, and mixed creams.

Generally, her skin is very dry and roughened on the knee and elbows. Vesicles form on the throat like water blisters. The mother told me that her skin got much worse on the very first day during a vacation on the Mediterranean. At home again, the skin returned to the former condition. The skin condition and itching is aggravated from perspiration, when she would scratch the skin intensely. The affected skin gets red and the skin swells up when she is crying or excited. She also reacts to drinking red juices. At night she wakes up at 3 a.m., scratching and crying. She scratches her skin until it bleeds.

There are allergies, hay fever, diabetes and cancer in the family. All her siblings suffer from herpes.

About the nature of the child the mother told me the following: She is a quiet child, and does not accept a “No“, and does things although they are forbidden. She rarely cries, and does not want to play alone. She is quiet and shy in a foreign environment. At home she is running and ranting, throws herself from the couch, and plays with her siblings.

It is striking that she is very cautious with strangers. The family meets weekly with relatives, many aunts, uncles, nephews etc. It is always the same people, yet she never goes to one of them. Also during vacation there were too many strangers for Irina. The parents could not go out to eat, because she used to hang on their pant leg all the time. Irina screamed like crazy as soon as the mother went to the toilet. Also, she did not want to swim or play in the ocean.

There are also peculiarities during everyday life. Everything has to proceed as Irina is used to, and in the same succession, otherwise she is desperate. Then she indicates what would be the right progression and cries. Everything has to be orderly. The mother says she behaves like the caretaker Krause from the TV series. The buttocks are red from the stool, and there are blisters filled with fluid.

I summarize as follows:

  • Eczema (neurodermatitis) around the throat-neck (at high of the collar)

  • Skin eruptions remain for a year despite treatment (cortisone etc.)

  • At the age of four months the cheeks were rough and dry.

  • Spot appeared on the throat at the age of six months. Afterwards more spots appeared until the whole throat was covered.

  • Scratches till bleeding

  • Aggravation from sweat, crying, excitement, sea water, red juices.

  • Skin gets red and swells up severely when crying, accompanied by increased itching.

  • Wakes up at 3 a.m. and scratches.

  • Skin eruptions like water blisters (herpes?)

  • Rough, dry skin

  • Mind: orderly, picky, obstinate

  • Nothing pleased her when they were on vacation. They could not eat at a restaurant as there were too many strangers and she was constantly crying.

  • She is different at home, although she still doesn’t like strangers.

  • Likes eating fish.

Repertorization symptoms

  1. Mind, company, aversion to, aggr., presence of, strangers, to

  1. Sleep, waking, midnight, after, three a.m.

  1. Skin, eruptions, general, swelling, with

  1. Skin, discoloration, red spots

  1. Skin, eruptions, vesicular, itching

  1. Skin, eruptions, vesicular, watery

  1. Skin, eruptions, herpes, circinate

  1. Skin, eruptions, herpes, zoster, zona

  1. Back, eruptions, eczema, cervical region, neck

  1. External throat and neck, eruptions

  1. Back, eruptions, cervical region, neck

The girl received a single dose of the homeopathic remedy Natrium carbonicum XM. Natrium carbonicum is especially indicated when the physical symptoms are accompanied by mind symptoms like aversion to strangers or unknown persons. Nat-c patients have difficulties coping with certain unfamiliar situations and react very badly and anxiously to some persons. Often, they are orderly and conscientious. They need strict rules and are irritated when these are not followed.

After administering the remedy, the mother reported that at last the stubborn skin eruption disappeared after some weeks and did not reappear until now. Irina does not refuse strange environments, or unknown or specific persons, anymore.

The treatment of neurodermatitis is often difficult and needs some patience. As the allopathic treatment options are usually exhausted in these patients, their only hope remains in looking for alternatives. Surely, this case gives hope, although not all cases are treated easily.

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Heike Dahl

Heike Dahl has studied homeopathy since 1997. She has been practicing since 2003 in Berlin Friedrichshain, with emphasis on the homeopathic treatment of children and difficult pathologies and diseases in adults caused by stress. She’s been involved in supervision and teachering since 2008 and is also invloved in research on new remedies. Website:


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