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A Case of Post Covid Syndrome

Homeopath Pascal Dumas shares a case of post-covid syndrome and a testimony from one of his covid-19 patients. He also suggests six remedies that people keep on hand in case they contract covid.

As you are no doubt aware, there may be signs of the post-illness of Covid. This is called the Post-Covid Syndrome. This is just one case that I would like to present to you today, so that you can see that classical homeopathy is an effective and rapid treatment for this type of ailment.   CASE On October 27, 2020, a patient came to the office because she had the Covid fifteen days before, which she got from husband. She had been tested and her PCR was positive. A week later, a new test was negative. She had originally presented with a loss of taste and a severe cough. Now she felt very tired, real asthenia, but without loss of taste, and an absence of cough. She told me it’s “like it sucked all my stuff out.” She could no longer concentrate, think normally. She told me that it was generally worse in the morning but she would regain a boost of energy and feel better in the evening from 5pm.  She still had a rash on her chest, itchy, triggered by touch.  The important thing to succeed, is for the practitioner to translate the patient’s symptom into the “language” of the repertory.

Here are the rubrics I had selected:


GENERAL / WEAKNESS / Coughing / aggravated following


GENERAL / AFTERNOON / improvement

GENERAL / EMPTY, feeling of

I interpreted her statement about “sucking out all my stuff” as a notion of emptiness. The homeopathic medicine I chose was Kalium Carbonicum, because that is a person who likes things to be tidy, in their place. I can hear you thinking, “but what’s the point here of knowing this person likes things tidy?”  This sign serves as confirmation in the choice of homeopathic medicine.

Why? Because a homeopathic medicine must “match” as closely as possible the dimensions of the person both in the physical signs that they present, but also in their ways of acting, their habits, their aversions and even food desires. This serves as a rudder in the choice between several possible drugs.

Another patient needing Kalium carbonicum explained to me that she stored her allopathic medicines in a cardboard box and to save time, marked on the visible edge of the cardboard the names of the medicines but also their expiration dates.

You see here the extreme thoroughness of the people who will resonate to this homeopathic medicine. Besides, Kalium carbonicum is also traditionally used in cases of bronchitis, chronic asthma, and pneumonia proving its pulmonary polarity.

The potency chosen was 50,000 K, because I wanted to have a rapid effect and give a sufficiently powerful potency to reverse this asthenia.

I had advised her to take a take it every 3 days as long as fatigue was present. I heard from her last night. She told me by text that she didn’t have to do a second dose. That single dose was enough to return her to normal.

Testimony From One of My COVID-19  Patients

My co-worker tested positive for COVID-19 five days ago and here I wake up on the weekend with intense headaches, severe body aches accompanied by severe fatigue. Monday morning, passage through the hospital staff sector to do a PCR test. Result at 5 p.m. : positive with a strong viral load (CT at 19) which correlates well with my symptoms. The complete loss of taste and smell is added and makes me feel like I’m eating tasteless textures.

The next day, occupational medicine contacted me to inform me that I was to be in isolation for 7 days at home, with paracetamol and rest and that I must consult if the situation deteriorates.

So, having no treatment available, I contact Pascal Dumas to find out what I can take in homeopathy. After describing my symptoms, he suggests that I order different potencies of Ammonium Carbonicum.

The next day I can start the first dose, while giving regular feedback to Pascal who fine-tunes the dosages. After the 3rd dose and in less than 2 hours, I begin to regain taste. In less than 3 days, I almost recovered my taste and smell. The aches were gone and the fatigue is on the way to being resolved.

Homeopathic treatment of COVID-19 is possible and effective. The discussion with the homeopath also allows you to feel followed and supported. Thanks to Pascal Dumas for his help and support.

Christine H.

As you can see, taking care of the Covid is possible. The only thing you need to know is that it remains a condition that will have to be evaluated on a daily basis, as the symptoms can evolve quickly.  It is important that you are already in possession of homeopathic medicines that you might need. What could be more frustrating than the need to take a specific homeopathic medicine without having it immediately available in pharmacies and only available 24 to 48 hours later. Here are some important remedies you should have on hand.   Ammonium carbonicum  30CH, 200K, 1,000 K, 10,000 K Bryonia 200K, 1000K Nux vomica 200 K Phosphorus 200K, 1000K, 10,000K Arsenicum album 200K, 1000K, 10,000K Gelsemium 200K, 1000K  During the first wave, I managed a family with Arsenicum and another person with three successive remedies to eradicate all signs. The treatment must be done according to each person, at the stage in which he/she is, and especially with their own specific symptoms.   If in doubt, send a message. The email of the collective of classical practitioners of homeopathy is:  [email protected]

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Pascal Dumas

Pascal Dumas is a French classical homeopath and graduate of the Planète Homeopathie School of Drs. Edouard and Georges Broussalian. He also studied with Didier Grandgeorge. He constantly adds to his knowledge through the teachings of Indian homeopaths online. His work is based on the teachings of Hahnemann’s Organon 6th edition, including miasms, LM potencies etc. Pascal was the first French practitioner to offer online consultations. On his website he offers articles explaining the method of classical homeopathy and sharing cured cases. He offers consultations in French for all French speakers worldwide and soon for the United States of America with translation. Visit Pascal at his website:

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