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A Nine Year Old Boy with Learning Disability

Dr. Sunayana R. Agrawal presents a case of learning disability in a nine year old boy.

Patient: Mast. Y., a 9 year old boy studying in III residing in Nashik

He comes with complaint of learning disability, diagnosed on 27/12/2012. He has to repeat the same things daily or else he forgets the lessons and tables. He makes mistakes in writing words and misplaces b for d. He has difficulty in understanding questions and answers. He is good in languages. He has repeated third standard twice. He has a mechanical mind and made a noise making unit of its own using waste things at home.

Milestones: All milestones were delayed. Mother breastfed the child for 5 years with no outside food (as reported by mother).

boy-studyBinet Kamath Test of Intelligence

Basal age – 5 years

Terminal age- 10 years

Mental age – 6 years and 10 months

IQ -87

Intellectual functioning is in the DULL NORMAL category.

History given by the mother: He is very naughty boy, telling lies, hides the brother’s mobile and when asked says lies to save himself from punishment. He plays tricks, beats others and then cries himself. He makes other frightened by making noise; mimics well. He used to bunk school in the village and then was brought in the Nashik and at age of 5 years admitted in Jr. K.G. He is now with an aunt who takes care of him and stays with them. He is very loquacious, likes cycling +3.

Past History:

  1. Repeated cold and cough with yellowish nasal discharge and pain in the ear. A/F exposure to cold and change of weather.
  2. Nose bleed once in 6 months due to sugar.
  3. Dental caries -3 molars . irregular teeth eruptions.
  4. UTI due to poor hygiene.


Personal History:

Desires: Lays chips, ghee+3, sugar+3, paratha, Fruits +3, apples

Aversion: Spicy+3

Thirst: normal water.

Perspiration: after playing.

Sleep: Talking in sleep. Restless. Startles after watching horror movies.

Thermals: Fan – no, likes warmth. Baths with warm water. Accepts covering but then throws it away.

Family History:

Mother, MGM- Hypothyroid. GM and GF-HT.

Mother’s state during pregnancy:

Constant fear of what will happen to my children if something happens to me. She had two previous C sections done. Sleepless at night.


My observations: When this child came to the clinic he was laughing and cheerful, making eye contact, giggling. When I asked him questions he took time to respond and to answer addition sums. His way of talking was like a story teller.

Diagnosis: Dyslexia

Phase of the disease: Chronic reversible disease.

Suspectibilty: High

Miasm: Dominant: Tubercular

Fundamental: Syco-tubercular.

Repertorial totality:

[Complete ] [Mind] Loquacity: Children, in:

[Complete ] [Mind] Deceitful, sly:

[Complete ] [Mind] Mistakes, making: Writing, in: Letters:Transposing, misplacing:

[Complete ] [Generalities] Weather:Change of:Agg.:

[Complete ] [Generalities] Food and drinks:Sugar:Desires:

[Complete ] [Generalities] Food and drinks:Fruits:Desires:

Group of remedies:

Lyco, Verat, Phos, Lach, Ars , Natrum muriaticum

Remedy prescribed:

28/2/14   Lachesis 200 1 dose, SL

Follow up:

Date Physicals Mentals Prescription
7/3/14 Cold, cough, pain in the ear Writing 21 instead of 12.tables learnt till 3 and makes mistakes. Teases, everyone calls him “dambis” SL 15 days
24/3/14 No cold and cough even after playing Holi Comprehension better when answering. Teasing others has decreased -30-40%. Oral answering is faster and correct. SL 15 days
11/4/14 Cold +. Reading and comprehension much better. Writing SQ SL 15 days
26/6/14 Cold+. Apthae in mouth due to spicy things. Got 65% in Std III final exam. Forgets what is taught Lachesis 200 2 doses. SL 15 days.
16/7/14 Telling lies reduced. Mischievousness reduced. Started completing books and writing. Lachesis 1M 1 dose. SL 15 days
19/8/14 Appetite better Telling lies and mischievousness decreased. Reading speed improved. Tables learn till 8. Completes books himself. SL 15 days
13/11/14 Science improved, multiplication, reading and writing also improved Lachesis 1M 2 doses SL 15 days


He did not come to me for later follow-ups due to school timings. His last follow up was on 16/12/14 where his aunt said he is now 50% better in academics as well as in behavior.

About the author

Sunayana R. Agrawal

Dr. Sunayana R. Agrawal passed from Sampson English High school from Mumbai and completed her BHMS from Mumbai University. She is practicing classical homeopathy and has been successful in treating a wide range of chronic ailments, including hormonal imbalances and ADHD. Dr. Agrawal practices a meditation technique called Anapana meditation, that is taught to children in the schools in Nashik.

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