Avascular Necrosis of Left Femur

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Male – Age 33


C.C.  Avascular necrosis left femur since 6 months.  Swelling left side

D-  What is the problem ?

P-  I have pain while walking

D- What else ?

P-  Since 6 months I m having pain  I cannot walk  due to this

D- Since when  your hair is falling ?

P-  From when I took allopathic drugs

D- what else ?

P-  Nothing sir is it dangerous

D- why ?

P- I won’t die  because of this sir, please tell me.  This pain has made me very weak and there is swelling also.

D- Any dreams?

P-  I see my death in dreams, that is what make me fear.

D- Any other dreams ?

P-  I see dreams of people who are dead

D-  Do you know them ?

P- Yes a few I know, a few are unknown

D- show me your nails

P- It breaks always its very delicate is it a problem?  Actually its since my childhood.

Prescription : 16 February 2015

Rx  Fluoric Acid  30   B D

SAC LAC – for 6 months

Follow up – 18 July 2015

D- How is the pain ?

P-  It’s much better.

d- Are you still seeing dreams?

P-  No, I don’t see any dreams now.

D- Ok, continue the medicine


Fluoric acid 30  BD

Sac lac for 3 months

Follow up – 29 November 2015

D- How are you?

P-  Earlier I use to limp, now limping has been reduced and I can walk  straight  without limping.

D- Any more pain ?

P-  No, but sir sometimes I get the pain when I lift heavy things.

D- You should not lift any heavy things.

D- I will give the medicine for a longer time because these changes will take more time .

P-  okay sir

Prescription: : Fluoric Acid  30 B  D

Sac Lac for 6 months

Follow up: 13 April  2016

D- How is the pain now?

P-   Much better from earlier.

D- Continue the medicine for next 6 months and then I need an Xray of the hip when you come next.

Prescription :

Rx  Fluoric Acid  30 B  D

Sac Lac for 6 months

Follow up: 3rd November 2016

D- show me the xray

P-  Its better from earlier, the Xray person told me, as I did last Xray at his place .

D-  Yes it’s much better as we can compare from earlier Xray.

P- The pain is much better and I’m feeling good now.

D- Continue the medicine for more 3 months then come visit me.

Prescription:  Fluoric Acid  BD

Sac lac for 4 months

Followup :

22nd March 2017

D- how are you feeling   ?

P- I’m fine sir  .

D- Okay, no need to take any medicine. Maintain good diet.

Prescription :


About the author

Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr. Jitesh Sharma completed BHMS in 2013 and then studied at IACH with Dr. George Vithoulkas. He subsequently studied under Rajan Sankaran as well as Drs. Mahesh Gandhi, Dinesh Chauhan, Dr S Sarkar and others. He now runs JDS Homeopathic Hospital & Research Centre which was started in 2014. Many seminars have been held in this hospital and Dr. Sharma invites eminent doctors to lecture. Visit his website : www.jdshospital.com and see his interview with Dr. Bhatia in the Dec 2013 issue of this journal: http://video.hpathy.com/podcast/dr-jitesh-sharma/


  • Very nice case, thank you.

    Just one question: What is not clear to me is Fluoric Acid 30 B D for how many days and Sac Lac how (B D as well, once the Fluoric Acid 30 B D prescription is finished)? And this is one dry pellet per dose?

    As dosing and repetition are the most varied aspect of our practices I would like to understand how each Homœopath practices it: what is successful, which cause aggravations and which give the fastest and best results.

    Thank you.

  • A case of avascular femur necrosis presented by a young homeopath, Dr. Jitesh Sharma, deserves praise. His style of case taking is really good. He’s also presented the repertorial chart. He says he is the student of George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran and so many worldwide reputed homeopaths. His agility for inquiring knowledge is, at the age, peerless.
    In repertory sheet, we see two medicines come to the light. One is silicea and another is fluoric acid. Why has he chosen fluoric acid, it is unspecified.
    The author does not mention how many doses of the medicine he has prescribed. Only he writes fluoric acid 30 BD.
    I tender my sincere thanks and good wishes to the author, for his indomitable craze in the field of homeopathy.

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