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Polycystic Ovarian Disease in a Woman of 35


Dr. Menka Chaturvedi presents a case of ovarian disease in a woman of 35.

Case presentation:
Preliminary data

Name: Mrs. S.C.


Occupation- Chief Engineer at MNC

Date of Case taking-31th August 2015

Probable Diagnosis – PCOD resulting into Secondary infertility.


C/o- Irregular menses, planning for second baby since two years but all in vain. During her first pregnancy she was diagnosed with PCOD.
Menses- the cycles are very irregular sometimes once in 2- 3 months.              Cycles – First day heavy flow and later on scanty for many days sometimes 5 -10 days.

Measures taken:  Started homoeopathic treatment from the doctor in India but couldn’t continue due to her busy job schedule.

Other Symptoms-

Weight gain since she was diagnosed with PCOD. It was 76 kgs, after taking some measures, it came down to 68kgs. It’s very difficult to shed weight. Due to increased weight she feels bad and has developed low confidence. Anger at self for not being able to lose weight.

Life situation and cause effect

What is bothering you the most at this moment?

I’m a changed personality; I get easily irritated on small matters. I do realize and calm down. I have to focus on reducing weight as I’m planning to have another baby so I need to be fit to conceive. I’ve reduced some weight but the process is not very fast. It really takes lot of efforts to reduce even few grams. Otherwise I’m a very confident and strong; I can’t be put down so easily. This is the only weakness in me. I get angry on myself that I’m good at everything but why can’t I reduce weight. In frustration I eat lot, thinking if it’s not working out then why not to eat.

Amenorrhea  due to stress, after first delivery menses got irregular. There was a lot of stress in managing office, home & baby. I was in a very good position so the company expected me to work at senior level but due to baby I couldn’t give my best. I was not creative in my job, expectations were very high. People at office started pointing out at my work. That was extreme stage for me because there was lot of anger and I couldn’t express it. I was angry on self why I’m not able to do things. I felt the same way for my kid too that I’m not able to do my best for my kid. Not giving enough time and love which lead to lot of guilt. My mind was scattered all around .Wanted to fix this issue. I lost my confidence and I started to feel that I’m not capable enough to do anything. For daughter’s care I called my in-laws to stay with me. I never put my responsibilities on them. Before going to office, I used to finish all household chores and then leave. Didn’t like to burden my responsibilities on someone else. I’ll take care of it. They were nice to me because I treated them with love and respect.

During illness I took coffee and kept working. I don’t like people pointing out at me. I can’t bear wrong things. I don’t like when they call me sick. Anger on self. I feel I’m weak and not in position to do things. I don’t like sympathy of others. Fear of being ridiculed in public. I don’t want people to know my weak points.

She loves  nature. Feels really good and positive when around it.

Physical generals

Appetite – Good intake, can tolerate hunger. No complaints associated with it.

Thirstless. I need to remind myself to drink water

Craving- Spicy+, sour+

Aversion- Nothing specific

Aggravation- pickle sourness– constipation


Stool-occasionally constipated

Urine- normal

Menses- irregular

Last menstrual cycle (L.M.P.) – 29/8/15 Lethargic and Drowsy feeling when the cycles are delayed.

Perspiration- very scanty, non-offensive and non-staining

Sleep- due to hormonal issue feels very lethargic. not so sound sleep.

Sleep position- I move a lot++ during sleep

Dreams- Many + I see sad dreams+, my kid is been injured, my husband is gone somewhere and I’m crying a lot, I’ve my exams and I’m not prepared for it. I’m taking a shower and forget to take the towel. Want to go out but fear of being ashamed. Embarrassment.

Thermals– Ambithermalà Hot, loves cloudy days and feels very happy and positive.

Past history– Migraine attacks.

Family history

Father- Diabetes Mellitus
Maternal Aunt- Tongue Cancer
Paternal aunt-Vitiligo all 3 aunts
Grandfather- Senile dementia.
Mother in law- Vitiligo
Maternal uncle – Died due to cancer.


Disease Diagnosis: Polycystic ovarian disease resulting in Secondary infertility.

Hahnemannian disease classification– Chronic dynamic fully developed miasmatic disorder.

Miasm– Considering the predisposition and disposition of the case – “Syco-Syphilitic”

Susceptibility– High (considering the below points)

Reactivity: High (the changes occurred on physical and mental level with the pathology)

Sensitivity: High and seen at mental level

Immunity: Good

General Vitality: Good

Characteristics: Symptoms seen at General and Particular level.


Mental disposition

Responsibility strongà Not fulfilledàAnger on Self

Low confidence

Control anger ↔ losing control


Sensitive to criticism


Suppression of anger

Fearful dreams

Irritability before menses

Physical generals:

Thirstless++ Stomach-thirstlessness

Sour aggravates +

Sun <

Cloudy weather >

Physical particulars:

Menses prolonged and scanty

Weight gain

Complete totality:

Responsibility strongàNot fulfilledàReproaches Self

Fearful dreams, embarrassment, senstitive to criticism, suppression of anger.

Low confidence, control anger/losing control


Sun headache

Family history of cancer

Thermals-ambià hot

Reportorial references:

Mind; offended easily

Mind; reproaches; oneself

Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; reprimands, criticism, reproaches, to

Mind; responsibility; strong, or too

Mind; sensitive, oversensitive; others say about her, what

Mind; anger; ailments from, agg.; suppressed

Mind; dreams; many

Mind; handle things anymore, cannot, overwhelmed by stress

Mind; irritability; menses; before

Mind; conscientious about trifles

Mind; love; nature, for

Stomach; thirstlessness

Generalities; obesity

Generalities; sun; agg.

Remedy selected: Carcinosin

Reason for the selection: The common reaction pattern running throughout the case was reproaching herself for the things she was not able to do. High expectation and responsibility from herself and trying hard to fulfill it. Very strong history of cancer in family and at particular level, thirstless+2, headache which was aggravated by sun. These pointed towards Carcinosin.

Differential remedies- Silicea, Staph

Prescription– 31/8/2015
Carcinosin 1M in diluted dose (single dose)

S.L. for 30 days

Selection of potency- High

Considering the strong mental characteristic symptoms seen in patient and the very good correspondence with the medicine. High potency (1M) was selected.

Planning for management of case:

The following should be considered during the course.

1) General feeling of well being.

2) Regularity of the cycles and complaints associated with it.

3) Change in weight.

Summary of progress

Date Response to medicine Interpretations Action
28/9/2015 Lmp heavy with clots 3-4 days decent flow and gradually reduced, Duration 8 days
Flow- big clots very heavy.
Episode of low BP sweaty allover weakness not able to move but after 2 hours was absolutely fine.
After the cycle I was fine there was lot of energyPremenstrual symptoms- lethargy++ heaviness in lower abdomen, sensation of something coming out of vagina
Little restless anger on something but intensity was >+better.
Mild aggravation during the cycle but later the flow  improvedà>++ SL for 1 month
24/10/15 Lmp- last cycle last for 5 days no issues with that. Had really good cycle after a very long time. Sensitivity quite good. >++ SL for 1 month.
3/11/15 Weight reduced to 65 kgs

During consultation it was 67.2kgs
Lmp- 5/10/11, 5 days cycle
Got mid ovulatory discharge>++
Dreams- not sad dreams or appearing for exams.
Muscle cramps 2 episode > ++ in intensity.
<before ovulation.

>++ SL for 1 month
18/12/15 all good >++ SL 1 month
10/1/16 Trip to India for 2 months without Husband >++ SL and stock carcinosin 1M
13/4/16 LMP 19/3/16
3 days flow, mid ovulation discharge++
Had a perfect cycle.
Muscle cramps < night had to tie bandage lot of exertion ,lethargy
14/5/16 UPT (positive)    

FTND –  16/12/2016.

Lessons – This is a classical case which shows that a single dose of a simillimum with the right potency can bring about the balance in a disturbed system. Patient’s weight issue and menstrual irregularity was well managed with homoeopathy. The response of the medicine showed initial aggravation followed by long term amelioration.

About the author

Menka Chaturvedi

Dr. Menka Chaturvedi M.D (Hom), graduated from MUHS, India and learned from various renowned homoeopaths from Mumbai. She assisted Dr. Kamlesh Mehta for more than two years, attended various seminars of Dr Sankaran and learned about the integrated homoeopathic approach to different type of cases. She is a registered Homoeopath in the ‘Japanese Society of Classical Homoeopaths’, and has a private practice in Japan, as well as doing online consultations. Her goal is to help people achieve optimum health using homeopathy and to spread awareness of homeopathy in Japan, where it’s not well recognized. She wants to see Homoeopathy recognized globally as a trusted mode of treatment.

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