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Breast Abscess in a Woman of 24

Written by Farhan Nadaf

Dr. Farhan Nadaf shares a brief case of breast abscess in a woman of 24 that was resolved with homeopathic treatment.


A 24- year- old female patient came with symptoms of pain in left side of breast at upper outer quadrant. Visually appreciable oedema and tenderness on examination. Skin was red & hot but no change in texture along with mild increase in body temperature.

Diagnosed with left mammary abscess (2.2 x 4.7 x 4.6 cm, vol. 26cc) with axillary lymphadenopathy (10 x 28mm) over USG dated 17.03.2021 (attached herewith for reference)

She was advised by her family physician for surgical intervention to drain the abscess. She refused surgical measures and opted for homeopathic management.

Another complaint mentioned by the patient was persistent finding of fibro-adenoma in right breast.

First Prescription given on 20.03.2021:

  1. Hepar Sulph 200C TDS
  1. Myristica 30C TDS


Follow up date Outcome Prescription Reason for selection
03-04-2021 On examination: Tenderness & oedema reduced Hepar Sulph 200C TDS

Myristica 30C TDS

Hastening abscess resolution & indication for suppurative process to avoid surgical intervention
17-04-2021 On examination: No swelling & tenderness noted.

USG dated 17.04.2021 (attached herewith for reference) showed no abscess, only mild inflammatory changes.

No evidence of axillary lymphadenopathy

Medicines stopped Abscess resolution achieved
Patient was advised to take homeopathic medicines for fibro-adenoma but refused claiming its persistence since years and it being painless. Patient was made aware about self-breast examination at regular intervals & general follow up regarding the same with family physician.


USG reports attached with patient’s consent however few details blurred to protect privacy of patient.

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