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A Case of Dengue Fever

Written by Bibin T. Varghese

Dr. Bibin T. Varghese presents a case of Dengue Fever which required a standard remedy and a nosode.

A patient aged 13/male came with complaints of fever++ and pain all over the body +++ since 2 days. C/o headache especially forehead and temples, severe backache with pain in all the joints with weakness.

O/E: patient conscious/oriented/febrile

Temperature: 101.5F

Per Abdomen: Soft

Blood Test:

Hb: 13.5gm%

T.WBC: 6500

P: 76%, L – 24,

Platelet – 90,000

Antidengue IgG – 20.1

Antidengue IgM – 4.8

Urine Routine:

Pale/yellow/cloudy/acidic Pus cells – 6 to 8 cells/hpf

Epithelial cells: 2 to 4

Based on the above symptoms Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 three pills every third hourly given on 02.11.2010. Advised to take plenty of boiled water and bed rest.

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Follow ups:


Date Complaints prescription
03.11.2010 body pain better. But fever and weakness presentTemperature: 103F Streptococcinum 200 (Stat) and one more dose OD (next day morning). Advised to continue Eupatorium perfoliatum 200
06.11.2010 No fever. (Fever subsided immediately after giving first dose of streptoccinum 200). Patient feels better. No body pain/headache Advised to continue Eupatorium perfoliatum 200
10.11.2010 Hb: 12.8, t.WBC: 6100, P-50, L-41, M-5, E-4. ESR – 8/20, Platelet – 115000. Placebo 3-3-3 before food



I was confident about Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 because the patient was showing some improvement after the first prescription. His body pain started reducing. During the second visit, his fever was high, but at the same time I didn’t want to change the medicine and I thought of prescribing an intercurrent remedy. My choice was Streptococcinum. In my experience Streptococcinum is an excellent intercurrent remedy in cases of high fever, septicaemia, recurrent boils, etc.

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