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Thoughts Vanishing and Blank Mind in a Man of 22

Dr. Mir Zahed shares a case of a man of 22 with vanishing thoughts, blank mind and eyesight problems preventing him from working.

A young man of 22 was suffering from some issues of eyesight and brain. He tried many treatments but could neither be diagnosed nor cured. He could not continue his studies and learn any skill due to his ailments. He was the only brother of three sisters. So his parents and all the family were very worried about his condition. Let’s see how his case was solved!

You must have seen such videos on National Geographic or YouTube etc. that when a pregnant mother eats something, the baby in her womb moves its mouth, when the mother laughs the baby smiles. Emotions like happiness, sadness, fear and anger etc. cause profound changes in a person’s hormones, brain chemicals, immune system and metabolism.

Since the baby is a part of the mother’s body during pregnancy, these changes have a direct effect on the baby which can continue throughout its life if not cured properly.

In the online course of Dr. Rajan Sankaran, which I took in 2015-16, we were taught that in cases of congenital anomalies, the mother’s pregnancy history is very important in order to cure the patient. I cured many cases in this way and this is one of them. Details of the case follows.


I get headache from overuse of eyes. I couldn’t continue my study due to this problem. I started working at a shop but I couldn’t remember prices of the shop’s items. So, I had to leave that job. I have pain in my eyes from four years. I was in habit of using cell phone and computer a lot. Now my eyesight is very weak. I can’t see properly from a distance even with glasses.

When asked since when he had these problems, he said:  “I have been the same since childhood. Since childhood I couldn’t see well from a distance but I realized it at the age of eighteen. When I used to go to school, I used to walk looking down because I couldn’t see anything from a distance. I had lachrymation in the sunlight. I couldn’t remember names of books at the stationery shop so I left that job too.

When I went to pick up a book, I would stand there, looking at book shelves but not knowing what to do. My father is a plumber. He took me with him on his work. When he asked me to pick up something, I would go there and forget what to bring.

Headache is constant 24 hours. My sense of smell is also completely lost. I don’t have any smell. But it doesn’t bother me. Two issues are important, eyesight and headache. I am absolutely useless because of these problems. I can’t read fine print even with glasses.  I also walk in my sleep. It happened more than hundred times at home and once I got up in the sleep and went to my uncle’s home. When I knocked at the door, I realized that I had walked there in the sleep.”

Nat-mur. Phos. Lyco. and Sulph. etc. came up through repertorisation but the patient had characteristic symptoms of none of these remedies. I asked him to bring his mother to clinic so that information about his early childhood or origin of the disease could be obtained.

D: Since when has he had these problems?

M: He has these problems since childhood but we couldn’t realize. Now when he has grown up he tells us about these problems.

D: What kind problems or issues did he suffer after his birth or in his infancy?

M: He was very weak after his birth and got even more emaciated at the age of 40-50 days.

D: Did he take mother’s feed?

M: Yes, he had mother’s feed till 12-14 months but in spite of that he was so much weak.

(When a child is weak at birth or is suffering from health problems despite mother’s feed, it means that the problems have transferred from parents and mostly from mother)

D: How was your health or life condition during the pregnancy or when he was on mother’s feed?

M: When he was born, my life was very bad. There was much poverty. My father-in-law was paralyzed. Whatever we earned was spent on my father-in-law’s disease. So we were not able to take care of this child properly.

D: At what age did he start walking?

M: He started walking at 15th-16th month.

D: What was your mental condition or life situation at that time?

M: I used to be irritable and angry. I wanted to run out of home and throw myself in front of a train.

D: Why did you think to throw yourself in front of a train, please tell in detail?

M: I was married at the age of fourteen and three years after the marriage I got pregnant. There was a lot of work at home. I had a sister and brother-in-law who always complained to my husband against me that I didn’t do the house work. We had an exchange marriage. If there was any problem on the other side, my in-laws and my husband kicked me out of the home. It was normal for them to beat me even during pregnancy.

D: What were your feelings and mental condition in that situation?

M: It hurt my heart. I felt very tense.

D: Tense mean?

M: How much hard do I work but neither my husband is happy with me nor the in-laws.

D: Then what did you feel inside you?

M: I felt burden on brain.

D: Please talk about the burden in detail?

M: It looked as if something very heavy fell on my head?

D: Please say a little more about it?

M: I felt very sleepy. I couldn’t raise my head all the day. I used to sleep continually for several days. I used to wake up for a while and sleep again for many days.

D: Anything else?

When the mother told her condition the patient also said that “I feel the same burden. My brain doesn’t work properly. Whatever I try to do, I can’t do because of this burden. All my attention is towards this burden.

D: Please tell about burden a little more?

P: In such a condition I go home and sleep even for the whole day and night. I cannot rise for any work. I want to sleep and sleep. I don’t have a system to wake up. After ten or even twelve hours the family members have to awake me up. If I sleep 10 to 12 hours at night only then it is tolerably enough for me. There is no chance of getting up from sleep in 8 or 10 hours. Even this time while speaking to you I am feeling sleepy.

D: Anything else?

P: Sometimes I am active and sometimes inactive.

D: How inactive?

P: Once I was checking my bag and suddenly I became inactive. Like a person who is drunk although I don’t take any drugs.

D: How does one get drunk?

P: It means if you send me to do some piece of work, I will stay there. The system gets jammed. Just like an old cellphone, if you open something on it, it take a while.

D: Is there anything else you would like to say?

P: My memory is very bad. Before coming here I put my glasses somewhere and then completely forgot it for a while. I also had many accidents on the bike.

D: How did the accidents happen?

P: My vision is blurred. I can’t see in time potholes and speed breakers on the road. And secondly, sometimes the brain stops working altogether. If something, a car or a tree comes in front of me, I don’t know.

See how the state of the mother was exactly transferred to the child!

The mother said, “There was a burden on the brain, I was very sleepy, I couldn’t lift my head at all. While ironing the clothes I used to sleep when the iron was on, but I didn’t know it”. I used to wake up for a while and sleep again for many days.

The son said, “There is a burden on my mind, because of this burden I can’t do any work. In such a situation I go home and sleep even for the whole day and night. I cannot rise for any work. I want to sleep and sleep. I don’t have a system to wake up. After ten or even twelve hours the family members have to awake me up. Even this time while speaking to you I am feeling sleepy.”

On the basis of these details, I selected the following rubrics from Murphy’s repertory:

  1. Mind, mental remedies, general, blank.
  2. Mind, thoughts, general, vanishing of.
  3. Sleep, waking, general, difficult.
  4. Sleep, general, sleepiness.
  5. Mind, staring, thoughtlessly.

Helleborus and Phos-ac came up through this repertorisation. On consulting materia medica I found a perfect similarity of the case to Helleborus. Phatak reads:

  • It affects the MIND and the BRAIN; senses become blunt and responses are sluggish; sees, hears, taste imperfectly.
  • Inattention.

– Dull, stupid; slow of perception or apathetic.

– Stupid starting or tired look.

  • Sopor; cannot be fully aroused.

The case beautifully fitted into the remedy.

With a few doses of Helleborus 1M, when repetition was required, the patient’s eyesight and brain condition improved a lot and he started work to earn for the family.

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Mir Zahid

Dr. Zahid is an honorary lecturer at the Homoeopathic Academy of Niagara- Canada. He has authored the following books:
1. How to Understand the Homoeopathic Materia Medica.
2. Case Taking in the Light of Organon.
3. The Appropriate Potency.

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